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    Well thank you, all and Paul. I did not expect to win because I contributed nothing to the discussion. But I also win nothing so that’s fair. I just listened to this after my one year post surgery cancer check up. So I did tear up which is possibly not related to my winning nothing but more because I also just got a call that all the tests and blood work came back normal. Yay me.
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    How has no one mentioned Gabby's reaction to her paycheck? She's astounded at the amount, and asks if that what she makes for the year then is even more amazed when she finds out that's her weekly paycheck. The Governor of California's salary is $210,000 per year which breaks down to about $4000 per week (or about $3000 after taxes, etc.) So Gabby, a college student and businesswoman, thinks that $3000 is an amazing yearly salary?
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    I created my EarWolf account to share a little bit of info I have about this movie. I happen to know how this movie ended up on Amazon. I worked for the company that put it on Amazon. The filmmakers used a company called Distribber to help them self-distribute. Distribber and its parent company sadly went bankrupt and no longer exist but I was still working with the company when this movie was released on Amazon. Distribber ended up getting way behind on paying the residuals out to the filmmakers' who did business with them and incurred a lot of debt. This sadly led to a lot of independent filmmakers losing out on thousands of dollars that was owed to them when the company went bankrupt. The philosophy behind Distribber was to help independent filmmakers have a way to release their movies without going through the traditional distribution model. Distribber could release movies on Apple TV, Amazon Prime, Google Play, Netflix, Hulu, etc., without having to go through a major distribution company. On top of that, the filmmakers took 100% of the profits. They had to pay an upfront fee to cover services that ensured the movie and all its assets (feature, trailer, captions, etc) met the specs of each platform. It all gets very technical and boring as to what all goes into getting a movie into a file that is able to stream on Netflix or Amazon. But every streaming service has different levels of quality that they'll accept and as you all saw with Governor Gabbi, Amazon allows just about anything to be uploaded. Also, Amazon allows anyone to upload a movie. You need to have a specific deal with Netflix or Apple to release on their platforms (Distribber had these deals) but Amazon will take anything from anyone. If you have a home movie of your child taking her first steps, you can upload it to Amazon for people to rent or buy in HD or SD. You do need captions and they have to be in the right format. You also need to come up with some artwork in Photoshop for the thumbnail that the customer sees. But these are the kind of things Distribber could help with. So June was right when she saw this as just an intimate family film project. Those are the kinds of movies Distribber attracted. If you had enough money to throw around upfront, you could put your movie on a wide variety of streaming services in many different countries around the world. But Distribber did not offer any marketing services. So most of the movies released on Distribber didn't make any kind of profit, because no one knew these movies existed. It's quite possible that the HDTGM audience made this one of the top 10 most successful Distribber released movies. I only hope Gabbi got to benefit from that and the residuals aren't still tied up in court.
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    Sorry, I’ve been in the weeds this morning. There were quite a few movies I wanted to choose from, but I chose the one described in multiple reviews on Letterboxd as being “the horniest.” You’re welcome. We are watching: Currently on Amazon.
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    I want to never stop talking about this movie. My favorite line has to be when the Senator berates the the moonbats for messing up the plan(?) and says: "I think I was perfectly clear on this matter…Wasn’t I not? " Haha…If he was explaining the plan with phrases like “Wasn’t I not”, then no, I don’t imagine he was very clear at all. I also loved the scene where Mark was getting ready to help Gabbi move the dresser and Gabby is frustrated that Mark is taking a long time to remove his jacket. They use a clock wipe to show how long he is taking, however the only thing that occurs during the wipe is that he places his jacket on the bed. How long did that take? Did he do it in slow motion?
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    I found this YouTube video by film critic Lindsay Ellis helpful. Incredibly proud to have know Elaine Stritch.
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    me looking up and down this thread for the movie pick
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    As a musical theatre actor and someone who went to school for musical theatre I wanna point out two things. 1. Andrew Lloyd Webber set a book of poems by TS Elliot to music so most of the lyrics are not his at all. That is why there is no story because it was originally just going to be a song cycle of poems set to music that eventually became a show. 2. I think it’s important to point out that Cats is more of a dance show than it is a singing show. This is why it doesn’t work as well in a movie platform. The real power of the show comes from the incredible dancers on stage dancing and doing great physical work and tricks and that is what makes it so compelling in person. That does not translate well when the whole movie is being done with motion capture. I you think of the show more in the sense of a cirque show that has always been more the vibes to me. More about the spectacle less about the over all story telling.
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    They didn't cut it down successfully! I found the miniseries dragged but the movie was very rushed. Also RDJ did not come anywhere near Michael Gambon's performance.
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    All right. I went through my list of picks and because it's the holiday season my mind turns to thoughts of Bing Crosby... but I thought we already are getting enough Christmas joy so way not spice it up with something Bing Crosby adjacent! I give a movie according to letterboxd not many of us have seen but stars two funny people in a supposed serious movie. I wonder how this will pan out... I give to you my pick From what I can tell this is free on some streaming sites with ads. If not I apologize.
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    I only pick stuff I haven't seen. We like bad movies, so I don't think quality is a concern! (Though I do think MM has more freedom to try to find good things)
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    All of these posts are so thoughtful and well written. I’m bringing none of that. The tap dance in iambic pentameter to me felt like what they probably did on day 1 of their 3 week rehearsal so that Matthew Lillard could understand how to read and deliver the text. That was some real ta-ta-tee-tee-ta 3rd grade music class stuff right there.
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    Boy, do I have some bad news for you about non-Americans in American movies!
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    I assumed it had to be fake. I figured any POWs dancing would have been soldiers forcing them to do it at gunpoint for cruel entertainment. Which, I guess the movie is doing in a roundabout way. Pretty much all of this. I really loved a lot of sequences in this. The Modern Love really stuck out but that might be my love of that song already.
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    I rewatched it for MM and I didn't love it as much as the first time. Is it just me or are the transitions kind of abrupt between scenes? Like the Modern Love sequence - it's awesome! But by the end of that scene I couldn't remember why Ki Su was in the dance hall by himself and it was jarring that it ended with the girl doing a face plant. And they kind of recycled that from the Chinese guy's audition from the earlier scene - which was one of the highlights tbh. There were lots of entertaining scenes like that but overall the string of scenes didn't fit together sometimes. Some of the scenes gave me whiplash. One minute I'm chuckling at a silly slapstick joke and the next minute I'm horrified by the blood and violence. But still, there were some fun dance sequences and soundtrack was A+.
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    Hello. You may remember me from such posts as "here is some Canadian trivia related to this week's movie" or "I'm baked and I could still make a better movie than this!" You may also recall that even though I'm part of the queer community, I watch a lot (I mean, a LOT) of Hallmark-style low budget made for TV romcoms. When my also queer friend Nicole discovered this, she proposed that we do a podcast about them in a very unusual format: an advent calendar. So since late October, we have been feverishly watching, making notes, and recording episodes of A Podcast in a Queer Tree, which will air a new episode every day in December up to and including the 25th. We have something like 10 episodes left to record and I have a ton of editing left to do but we are on track to get it all done. You can check out our still-in-progress website or check out our Patreon, where the episodes will be hosted. We will have no sponsors and there is no charge to listen to the main episodes. We're basically just doing it for fun and experience and to add a little cheer to our (and hopefully your) holidays. There is a short intro episode available if you need further convincing. Hope you enjoy. xo PS- we also made bingo cards thanks to some maniac online who has a script that generates bingo cards. So enjoy that.
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    Here's my pick (available on Amazon Prime): (This is the 2018 Swing Kids, not the 1993 Swing Kids)
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    I watched this movie the night before Biden was announced as winning the presidency, and listened to the podcast hours after the media outlets FINALLY called it. My biggest wish now is that we live in the world that Governor Gabby takes place where you vote one day, the winner is called the next, and that person IMMEDIATELY takes office and begins to govern. You guys talked about how crazy it was that she was in school to get a degree in baking - but I’d love to know what the curriculum entails. Clearly there is no crossover education with general culinary skills as she is completely unfamiliar with the term “ala carte.” I also can’t figure out why she was outsourcing the baking of the brownies to Stoner. Maybe cut out of yoga a few minutes early and whip the batch up yourself? Not to mention when the “mud pie” is served at the State Dinner (which looks like a backyard with a giant fountain) - she says SHE made it! AND they use canned whipped cream. What self respecting baking student would use canned whipped cream? Disgraceful.
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    Governor Gabbi should be named as Kamala's replacement in the Senate!
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    I just want to cheer on our actual Vice President from California Kamala Harris!
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    I was surprised no one mentioned the handcuff belt that went through at least three characters in the movie! Here's a couple of shots of it and I'm sure there are more. Also, I love that Ice-T is credited in the first Breakin' as simply Rap Talker.
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    I wanted to pick a good Halloween-themed movie with an emphasis on the soundtrack, so I went with... The Guest (I don’t think we’ve done it, or at least I didn’t see it on Cameron’s Letterboxed list)! it’s unfortunately rental-only, as far as I can tell, so if people object to that (which I totally get, given our national shitshow) I can come up with choices that are more widely available (my second choice would be Us, but again that’s only on HBO).
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