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    Ok so let's get to the nitty gritty here. Men can be and are sexually harassed. Much like domestic violence it's 100% something that does happen to men but is not talked about nearly as much as what happens to women. Nearly 1 in 5 ( roughly 17%) complaints to the EEOC are by men. A survey by Quinnipiac University found 20 percent of men surveyed had been harassed. While they government does not track the gender of perpetrators researchers say that men are more likely to harass other men then women ( though women can be perpetrators). The number of men who have reported harassment has stayed pretty steady for the past decade. The movie is correct in the idea that a lot of sexual harassment is about power. It's also a way to punish people who do not meet the ideal gender norms and for men in particular, those who are not sufficiently like the idealized version of their (perceived) gender. Many men do not report their harassment much like many male victims of sexual and domestic assault. they feel they will not be believed because we live in a society that thinks only women can be victims. A 2014 study found that Canadian woman were twice as likely to report harassment Han their male counterparts( 20% vs just 9 %) To quote a survivor who told his story in this really great article from the Washington Post : "Funk, 53, said he was at first hesitant to talk about what he said he was experiencing at work. “ ‘You are a man. You should be able to protect yourself,’ ” he recalled thinking to himself." But even incredibly "masculine" men can be subject to harassment. In 2016 Terry Cruz says he was groped by Adam Venit at a party. Venit is a very well known executive who works at William Morris Endeavor. He's not alone. Brandon Fraser claims in 2003 former HFPA president Philip Berk groped him. These are both famous men, powerful in their own right yet they both have stories about harassment. While this movie is 100% the panicking of rich straight white men in the wake of the Anita Hill Clarence Thomas testimony ( yet here we are in 2019 with another sexual predator on the bench. I'm not going off on that rant) there is a germ of truth in it. Sexual harassment can happen to anyone https://www.canadianwomen.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Facts-About-Sexual-Assault-and-Harassment.pdf https://poll.qu.edu/national/release-detail?ReleaseID=2502 https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/social-issues/men-account-for-nearly-1-in-5-complaints-of-workplace-sexual-harassment-with-the-eeoc/2018/04/08/4f7a2572-3372-11e8-94fa-32d48460b955_story.html https://www.eeoc.gov/eeoc/statistics/enforcement/sexual_harassment_new.cfm
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    I know this topic was covered in the podcast but I want to share my first hand experience with this. My family was a camping family. We tented for awhile then eventually upgraded to a camper. Every long weekend and most of the summer was spent camping. We tended to go to the same campgrounds all the time and they were great. Then the ownership changed and they started putting in cabins and such so it was time to find new camp grounds. Now this was the late 80s and early 90s so sure enough if the campgrounds had a pool right next to it was a small shop full of cheap candy and the odd arcade machine. What child would not want to play games when surrounded by nature? We are camping one long weekend and there is a boy in the site next to ours who is about the same age as me so we start talking and decide to hang out. We explore the woods, rides bikes, etc. but eventually we pop into the shop for some snacks. There we see the arcade cabinets. There was Double Dragon and the game looked like fun. We go back to our camp sites and get some quarters and run back to the machine. The two of us start playing the game together. It was a real fun game. We were having a great time. "Look out kid I just met!" "No worries, got your back Cam Bert!" I think we only needed to continue once maybe. We were doing great. We get to the final boss and he was tricky but we quickly figured out how to beat him. The boss was downed and there were high fives a plenty. We look back at the screen and there are our two characters just standing there. The game is still going. We were both utterly confused and didn't know what was happening. We both questioned whether the game was bugged. Then as we were trying to figure out what to do, I accidentally hit his character and noticed I was hurting him. So I just proceeded to start killing his character. The new kid noticed and panicked and started trying to fight back but it was too late. I was already ahead and too skilled for him. I killed his character and the game proceeded to end. The kid was livid. He started shouting and yelling at me and I remember saying "We still beat the game." He wasn't having it he started crying and ran off to his camp site. I eventually made my way back to mine and when I got there my mom was also very upset. She explained that he had got back crying and saying it was all my fault and his mother was upset. I explained to my mom what happened and she didn't seem to care. I explained until I was blue in the face that's what we were suppose to do but she wasn't budging. I was just playing the game and that is what it wanted us to do. This was the game's fault yet somehow I am in trouble? I had to go over to his camp site and surrounded by both our families give him two quarters and apologize for killing him in the game.
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    I think Madonna was so excited to see the birthday cake during the dinner scene because it had burning candles on it, and she new hot candles were in her and Willem Dafoe’s futures.
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    They should be available everywhere. I'm honestly torn between wanting to use the hedgehog for its intended purpose and ONLY using hedgehogs from now on.
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    After considering many options for a symbol of "friendly encouragement about thorny issues", I've added a new reaction type that I hope everyone will find suitable.
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    I know this is kinda repeating something I said earlier but I do think the "we're not slaves" line from Stella Star is one of the funniest lines in the movie. Yes, Stella, you kinda are. See you committed multiple crimes and were found guilty by a court of Krangs. As a result you were sentenced to life in a hard labour penal colony. This is the good news bad news situation. Assuming Space prison has similar laws to the United States, once you are a prisoner you are now a ward of the state. This means they can not work you to death. They have to provide food and care for you. If the radiation does burn your skin off like you complain about they have to treat that. Unfortunately they are allowed to subject you to penal labour which as a form of unfree labour does make it "slave labour." You have the right to complain and register complaints but that doesn't mean they have to listen you. However this is your punishment for committing crimes and breaking the law and as a result they are allowed to force you to work for 12 hours. However, if Space law is more like say North Korean law then you probably aren't afforded those rights and as a prisoner in a penal labour camp. In that case, yes you are a slave and they can do what they like with you. I'm sorry if you thought "hard" labour meant just a little light lifting.
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    For a Star Wars rip off that features prominent bikinis I want to take a moment to remember my favorite ( and possibly only) Star Wars fact I know thanks to Carrie Fisher's fantastic book Wishful Drinking. Apparently George Lucas thinks space is an underwear free zone because "you go to space and you become weightless...But then your body expands??? But your bra doesn't — so you get strangled by your own bra." (This might be my favorite of many amazing parts of Wishful Drinking). Carrie wrote that was how she wanted her obituary to read. Drowned in moonlight, strangled by her own bra. I still think about that line sometimes because it's just so utterly Carrie.
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    That happened to me on the Rockstar episode. It got to the point where I am almost certain that one of the people who called in, just came on the boards, and just read my posts, and just repeated them verbatim. It didn't make me think "Fucking asshole, stealing all my hard work!" because I had a fucking BLAST finding little caveats, it's one of the few movies where I get to really deep dive into it, because it's the shit I know and love. But it was more a case of "Mate, join in with us! Have some fun",
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    I mean, this film doesn't understand how anything works: email, computers, forklifts, corporate structure, Prozac, virtual reality, marriage, the law, sex...
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    I was a big Michael Crichton fan when I was young, I read a lot of his books. But I stopped when he got on his “global warming is a hoax” era. I believe he served as a consult for the Bush White House. That was very disappointing for me from someone who was into science and was a doctor. This movie makes me think he was very right wing all along. He’d be on TV saying these women are ruining men’s lives and such.
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    I’m listening to the episode and had some info on a part of the movie that confused you. When Disneyland first opened you bought ride tickets in addition to paying general admission. So whoever wrote that line(assuming it’s Crichton) was thinking about pre-1981 Disney.
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    As a fellow man who is not flexible, I want to support Paul. This is the second episode his flexibility has been a topic. Let him be as flexible or inflexible as he is. Did anyone else think the dancing in this was very badly filmed? Especially the break dance scenes. The camera was very dynamic and the editing kept cutting back to different dancers. I get the desire to highlight a specific dancer, but the way this was filmed detracted from the dancing. The camera would often move with the dancer which made their moves seem less impressive. I think a more static camera would have benefited everyone.
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    A couple BTS photos for you. No digital cameras at the time this was shot, so a couple Polaroids I picked up on set.
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    I cannot express how much having something like The Jane Club could have helped my mother. My mom was a single mother and was also very dedicated to her career. She also had to deal with a nurodivergent child. On her own . I wonder what she could have achieved if she had had a place like The Jane Club where she could go to work and take me along. I remember when she was a in quality auditing for a bloodbanking company/ organization that she would bring me to work with her on the weekends and I would literally wonder the building going into any unlocked room I could find like an absolute feral menace. I realize now as an adult they 100% probably had security cameras and my mom 100% got yelled at. The only thing that makes me feel a bit sad about the Jane Club is from what I know you have to pay to be a member and it looks pretty pricey so it makes me think about mothers like my mom who would have benefited greatly from such a place but could never have been able to afford it. Hopefully in the future they make scholarships or grants available for care givers who are less financially well off.
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    With my apologies to the Tank Top Balcony Bros, while you have a very valid theory about Guardians of the Galaxy and Starcrash I think it goes a bit deeper than that in fact it goes the other way around. I mean the one character's name is Thor. If that is not a nod to their Marvel comics inspiration I don't know what is. However, something struck me as I was rewatching this movie. A lot of the characters in the movie look awfully similar to other things that I know. Now, we covered Zardoz and the obvious Star Wars rips, but there was something very comic booky about it all to me. Then the spirit of Stan Lee came down and smacked me in the head because it became crystal clear. This movie is the Kree/Skrull war people!! Don't believe me let's looks at some side by sides I quickly dashed together in paint (nothing but the finest for you folks). First the Krang Judge head is clearly just the leader of the Kree the Supreme Intelligence Next, our pal Thor was a bad guy, then a good guy, then a bad guy. Very shifty like a Skrull! Then Akton, the hero of the show. Well he kinda looks like the Kree hero himself Captain Marvel Though if you ask me he looks more like Adam Warlock with the hair and colour pattern but that doesn't fit in as well with everything. And the evil Count is either Black Tom Cassidy or Count Neferia. Neither again fit in with the whole cosmic theme but there is probably some Eternal or Inhuman or somebody I'm forgetting about. Which I guess makes Elle a Celestial. You figure it out people.
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    FUCKING FEMINISTS! GOING BACK IN TIME AND DOING GENDER SWAPPED REMAKES!! THEY DID IT WITH GHOSTBUSTERS AND THAT SUCKED, THEY DID IT WITH OCEANS AND THAT SUCKED AND NOW THEY'RE DOING IT WITH THIS?! THEY'RE FUCKING WITH MY CHILDHOOD!!!! This is Brie Larson's fault for some reason! Shit like this is why Trump got elected, and he's gonna win again, because of this fucking bullshit SJW Zardoz remake. We already had "Zardoz", there's no need for Female Zardoz and that's not me being sexist, but when they wanted a male Lara Croft, they made a different game, Uncharted, they didn't change Tomb Raider. Yeah, I get that that's what happened here, it's called "Star Crash", but look at it, thigh high boots, weird underpants, it's fucking Zardoz! MY THAT PERIOD IN TIME A FEW YEARS BEFORE I WAS BORN! And, not being sexist, but Sean Connery looks way better in the thigh highs. But, they just don't see it, Ghostbusters flopped, Oceans 8 flopped, all these other movies I'm ranting about flopped, so that tells you something... People don't want that, people don't want politics being shoved into their movies! Even though that's basically how I make my money, by ranting about it every day. Don't forget to like, share, and subscribe. Also, check out my Patreon, because YouTube demonetised me for no reason, all I did was call a woman a fucking bitch that should kill herself, that's not sexist, it's not sexist. If anything, I'd be being sexist if I DIDN'T call her a bitch, because I'm treating her like I would a man. Also, I'm running for election soon, so keep an eye out, I'll be talking about getting milkshake thrown on me, and how that just shows that I'm gonna win! (Stupid Jason ruined my joke, about a minute into the podcast).
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    The calls that are extremely similar to posts have bothered me for awhile. I don't really believe it's malicious, but it does kind of feel like if you have a really excellent point and a caller makes the same point, the caller is going to get preference on the minisode all in an effort to make the episode more dynamic... and that kinda sucks.
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    Man, I hate to gripe because you all know how much I love HDTGM, but I really wish that if they're going to take phone call C&O's they weren't using the calls that are points people brought up on the boards. Of the three calls, two of them were points brought up by forum people (specifically @Vegas820 and @RyanSz). And, of course, the third call was actually brought up on the show, so I don't even know what was up with that. I mean, I'm not saying that I brought the heat this week, I know I didn't, but there were plenty of other people here who did. I'm not sure why their observations were bumped so someone could bring up something that was literally brought up on the show. I get trying to pick posts that give Paul something to bounce off of, and I get that people can come to the same conclusions independently, but it really bums me out when people take the time to come onto the boards to share their funny and insightful observations only for someone to just call in on their way to work or something and gank their point. (This isn't even to mention the amount of times some of these calls he been almost verbatim recitations of things people have written here, but that's a whole other bag of worms). I don't know, it just kind of annoys me. But congrats to @Cam Bert, @Smigg, and Justine for the win!
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    here's my prediction: white rich guys keep getting richer and keep spanking their secretaries, nothing changes
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    Abuse is a cycle. People who are abused often copy the behavior. That is why we have to talk about it and get therapy and be better. I didn't know this about Kirk Douglas but it explains a lot, actually. (Possibly, if the rumors are true, why he would rape Natalie Wood who was also a teenager because he wouldn't see her as under any age of consent.) Anyway, thanks to those who shared their stories. I was sexually assaulted by a maintence man who came to fix a carbon monoxide detector in my apartment. I've often wondered if society (see: porn) might have put a bug in his brain that it's okay to climb into a woman's bed if she's invited you into her bedroom (because the goddamn CO2 monitor has been going off since 4 am!). I do think the messages we send in media are important.
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    So, what do you all think happens after the credits roll? The movie frames it as a happy ending, and I suppose there is some measure of vindication at the end for Douglas’ character, but ultimately he still works for a company whose Machiavellian CEO and corporate toady sidekicks were more than willing to frame and fire him for incompetence over an allegation that they knew to be false. They clearly preferred Demi for the job, who wasn’t fired so much for what she did, but because she was publicly caught. Why should Douglas think for even a second that there won’t be further retaliation? And even if he made such a good impression at the shareholders’ meeting that he’s effectively proved his worth and saved his job, why would he want to stay there? Fuck that place.
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    I wanted to thank Gigi-tastic for bringing up that sexual assault does happen to men and that it’s about power and not sex. I would actually like the forums to weigh in on this. It is only tangentially related to this film but it has bothered me since I heard it. You guys may know that there are sexual misconduct allegations against Michael Douglas, and also that there are also long-standing rumors that Kirk Douglas was a sexual predator (it is alleged that he raped Natalie Wood when she was 16). When Kirk was honored at the Golden Globes (apparently as a eff you to the ladies wearing Times Up pins), I read some articles about the rumors around him. There is one story that he readily admits to: Now, obviously, no one likes an anti-Semite and there is some triumph in this. But I was also deeply disturbed with how he used sex as a weapon. Like why not tell her when she’s all hot for you and say, “I can’t fuck you because you are an asshole”. Why do it mid act? It seems like sexual violence in some form. Am I wrong about this? This quote from: https://nypost.com/2016/12/08/how-kirk-douglas-charmed-old-hollywoods-finest-beauties/ I can’t find the original article I read it in.
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    Omission: Dude, totally fuck a hotel room door electric key card reader, for real. I've stayed at a bunch of hotels lately, and the fact that it takes 20 swipes before the door will open is probably the most realistic tech thing in this movie.
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    I agree that this movie is terrible. I also agree wholeheartedly that so called men's rights activists do not give a flying fuck for male survivors or the well being of men in general. For example On International Women's Day many of them demand an International Men 's Day even though that already exists and is November 19. Ironically the day is rarely googled on its actual date. They care about the fact women have a day at all not that they really want their own day. I also agree that yes women are much more likely to be harassed. I've had several conversations with other female friends about how we do not know *any* women who HAVEN'T been sexually assaulted or harassed including ourselves. However I don't think that negates the fact this does happen to men as well and those survivors deserve every bit of respect and compassion as their female counterparts. It could just be my reading but it feels like you're saying that because a smaller number of harassment is reported it means less? That what they went through isn't as upsetting because women face worse? Again this could be my interpretation. I honestly don't think you can compare this kind of thing. It's deeply personal and affects each survivor differently. I think that our society tends to fail people who speak out but I really think that we fail male survivors in a unique and horrible way. It's bad enough to not think you will be believed because the system is awful. Even worse when you think people won't believe you because of your gender.
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    I don't think anyone denies that sexual harassment can and does happen to men, but horseshit movies like this don't help, and I don't care for the arguments that try to compare the relatively uncommon suffering and exploitation of men under the patriarchy with the extremely common and usually much more severe suffering of women. It's just not equivalent. Unfortunately there are disgusting organizations claiming to fight for "men's rights" who will use these stats and the testimonies of male victims to push their own sexist, homophobic, and often white supremacist agenda. As someone said on the podcast, this film seems like it would be a real favourite with that crowd, pandering to their inflated sense of victimhood and entitlement.
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