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    As a bald/balding man who smokes a pipe on occasion and is severely disgusted by feet, this episode really spoke to me.
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    This is the second time that Paul has read a C&O from me but did attribute it to me. I’m beginning to feel like Homer when Mr. Burns wouldn’t remember his name.
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    Wouldn't it have been such an easy fix to say that Willem Dafoe's character had learned how to make black powder in the 25 years that he had been prisoner/guest there? Then they'd have a reason to escape with him since he's infinitely more valuable than a couple of saddlebags full of gunpowder. I bet the recruiting numbers for the Nameless Order are pretty great in years 1 through 40 after a Tao Tei attack. Start to dip some after that and then in year 59 there is no way those guys are hitting their quota.
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    Friend, assuming you are asking this question in good faith, I will say right now that there really isn't an alternative. Discussions of art and culture are inevitably going to intersect with politics, because you can't discuss the messages behind the media without revealing at least some your political orientation. I would suggest instead examining within yourself why you would expect to avoid "politics" in general or if it's really just a particular kind of politics that bothers you and why.
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    Seems to not have made the cut on the ep but at the show Jason started in almost immediately at how weirdly pervy and sexual this movie could be and I agreed completely. The very first sentence that we hear Martin Landau speak is "This log has a will of its own." To which I could only respond, "That's what she said." This totally set the tone for me for the whole rest of this bonkers movie. So many wood puns turned double entendre. The wallpaper on Paul's Mac would attest to the perv quotient of this movie as well. Both shows were so great! 6 for 6 at Chicago shows and they just keep getting better! Thanks guys! And check out this Jason-being-a-creeper progression during our photo op, had no clue why the lady taking the photos was taking so many pictures and laughing so hard until hours later!
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    Let’s talk astronomy. If a Star only 30 light years away goes supernova we’re all dead.
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    Also to my knowledge, the plane is considered to be in the jurisdiction of the country its registered to, until it hits the landing strip of the country its going to. This money plane has to be registered to some country right?
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    I believe this is Michael's picture
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    This kid goes bald and freaks out. He tries a wig and freaks about that too. Why didn't he just borrow a hat from Connie? He clearly has a never-ending supply. Problem solved, movie over, all of our time saved.
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    Hi everyone! I'm sorry that my inability to check email last night meant I delayed the pick today. I am never around here anymore but that doesn't mean I don't miss you all, and I am especially appreciative of watching you all generate great work over on Letterboxd. I had a bit of a struggle this week with what I would pick: should I pick the standard HDTGM-worthy thing to make fun of, or something that would pep us up in this difficult time? In the end, I chose the latter, a generally well-received musical based on a Broadway production that launched an international career. What's that you say? "They didn't make a Broadway musical of Across the Universe!" Yet. They haven't made it yet. Anyway, I noticed that this movie had been added to Netflix, I had never seen it, but my wife said "oh, I want to see that!", which is as much as to say, I'm picking that, instead of the terrible movie I was going to pick. So, let's all watch the movie version of the Broadway musical that would eventually launch the career of Rachel Berry! No one in this thread had reviewed it on Letterboxd yet, so hopefully this is a new experience for many of us! It's nice to be back! I'll try to remember to be around more! (I've said that 3000 times in the last 3 years. Sorry guys.)
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    Basically, this is Memento, but Guy Pearce is John G (Joey Pants). The protagonists of both are amnesiacs who murder people based on manipulated memories of a murdered wife.
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    Do you think Marvin being the referee because he is both an alien and a Looney Toon and therefore impartial was intentional or is that giving this movie too much credit?
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    *** HUGE SPOILERS FOR THIS EPISODE *** W in the actual F.
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    If nothing else, this episode reminded me to pick up a big bottle of V8 when I was at the store today.
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    I have no idea how I keep making my replies so janky. I don't know what it says about me that (I think?) I understand this messy movie. So Cool World is an alternate dimension, Deebs didn't create any of it. They make mention a few times that Cool World has always existed and that humans have passed through it very briefly. We also see that at least one film from our universe has made it into Cool World. My assumption is that this happens after Doc Whiskers opens the dimensional portal into our 1940s and sucks Harris in. The rift between dimensions is now tenuous and certain individuals- the movie doesn't explain but let's just say through dreams or comas or mental breaks or some unknown set of circumstances- can pass briefly between worlds. This is how Deebs is entering Cool World prior to his introduction in the movie. He thinks he's just dreaming up a fantasy world and makes a comic series off of it. Doc Whiskers probably had the sense that beings from each universe cannot come together because it would start the destruction of one or both worlds. Time travel stories all have that rule about not interacting with past or future versions of yourself, I'm not sure if that rule applies to multi-verse stories as well, I don't really read those. At some point after settling Harris into Cool World, Doc Whiskers enters our world as he previously had planned and takes the spike with him. Holli wants to enter the world she's seeing in the film(s) and though Noids; she has all Cool World has to offer and now wants what she can't have. I think she and Deebs start doodling out because they've broken the laws of physics in our universe and can't sustain form. But I'll give you this one; I have no idea if Harris knew he could come back to life as a doodle after being killed by a doodle. That's the only part that doesn't make sense.
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    Yes. It's not super common, but it can happen in the social insects i mentioned if the colony is under stress or if there aren't any suitable partners elsewhere, which would be the case here, as it seems that there is only one Taotei colony. Even in mammals, it happens in zoos ( not so much nowadays ), in feral cat colonies... Inbreeding is the way you got all the different dog/cat/fish/bird/cow/goat/sheep/insert-any-domesticated-or-somewhat-domesticated-animal-here breeds. And some fruit flies actually seem to favor incest, because why change a winning formula? If your children inbreed, that's your successful genes beeing spread. And then there's mites, where at least one species has the male impregnating his sisters while still inside the womb. You asked. But there are lots of different, non sexual reproduction strategies. Maybe all the Taotei we see are clones, or clonal. Aphids can have super complicated life cycles, where at one point, clone females are born already pregnant with the next generation of ( different bodied ) clone females. In the words of a famous philosopher, " Life, uh... Finds a way ".
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    I literally cannot believe that this movie ends with a “Hey, the movie’s not over yet...” That is fucking bonkers!
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    Not even sure where to start on this. So, I'll just start at the beginning. The music in the opening is very strange sounding. It sounds like parts of it are being played backward. This kind of reversed music played under a lot of the movie. It would have been so much better without any music because the backward sounding music was kind of unsettling.
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    As the person charged with cleaning up the mess when real trolls show up here, OP's criticism of the show is pretty mild. HDTGM has unquestionably gotten more political since 2016, going so far as to publish minisodes about June's book and an interview with a local politician. I skipped those, not because they don't align with my politics—I'm an atheist feminist who would be delighted by either a Warren (sigh) or Sanders presidency—but because my podcast time is increasingly rare these days and I can barely keep up with the main episodes, let alone side missions. When this thread was started, I hoped it would be met with the stony silence it deserves and then forgotten, since it doesn't violate any of the stated forum rules or warrant deletion. Some of the responses are getting close, though.
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    Okay, I’ve finished. Here’s my take: one of the complaints the club owner levels against him was his songs were too personal. He wants commercial music about flapping birds and shit to get people dancing. Knowing that’s what was wanted, The Kid plays “Purple Rain” anyway because he’s like “Fuck it. I’m going out on my terms and I’ll play the *most* personal song.” The catch is, it wasn’t written exclusively by him. He achieves a kind of synthesis where he can write cathartic music for himself while reaching out to others. At the same time, he’s also relinquishing his absolute control over everything and humbling himself. The result is an epic song that is both commercial and personal. The people couldn’t relate to his songs about some woman named Nikki masturbating with a magazine in a hotel lobby, but they could relate to a song about loss. “Purple Rain” allows the audience to finally connect with him, and through that connection, it opens the doors for them to appreciate his other songs. (Uh...maybe? I’m not super confident in this answer.)
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    LIsten I am the right age for this movie. I was 7 years old when this was in theaters, and yes I did eat it the fuck up. Did I think this was a masterpiece up until listening to this episode? Yes... Here's my actual question though - How can June and Jason destroy this movie so much and then turn around and pledge their love to something like Drop Dead Fred?! #TeamSanity
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