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    Episode 99 — A View To a Kill: LIVE

    Longtime listener, first-time poster. Correction: Throughout the lengthy butterfly discussion, someone/everyone seemed to suggest that the Eiffel Tower restaurant, as such, did not exist. However: There have almost ALWAYS been a restaurants in the Eiffel Tower, and it has a long tradition as a fashionable dining destination throughout the twentieth century. Everyone from Picasso to Charlie Chaplin to Hitler ate there. The original restaurant was dismantled in 1981 as part of a major renovation, and was subsequently moved to New Orleans (for some reason), where it remained open for over twenty years. Shortly thereafter, le Jules Verne opened in 1983 on the second floor of the tower. Incidentally, around the time this movie was filmed, my father had his wallet stolen by a pickpocket on his way up to this very restaurant. I can't swear that the decor as depicted in the movie is 100% accurate myself, but the concept (and Bond's lunch there) are very reasonable. le Jules Verne remains open today (renovated extensively in 2007) and is headed by internationally renowned chef Alain Ducasse. Other than that, I loved the crossover episode. As a huge Bond fan who (mostly) hates this movie, I'll definitely have to check out James Bonding.