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  1. ˙ʞɹoʍ pooƃ ˙ǝposıdǝ ʎuunɟ
  2. I see the doughboys and beck are both on that John L3NN0N podcast. BUt no Handboys!? What's the deal? Well?
  3. (Hey everyone, robotam here. I thought I'd pop in and show you what that post^ was originally going to be: ) Hey! I know Earwolf raids the forums for merch ideas, so I'll give ya this one for free: A T-shirt that says "T-shirts, turn in your tests" (Hope you all got a kick out of this behind the scenes look at my forum posts.)
  4. Hey! I know Earwolf raids the forums for merch ideas, so I'll give ya this one for free: A T-shirt.
  5. I would actually LIKE it if there were more episodes!
  6. Funny episode. These guys should be comedians!
  7. robotam

    Episode 149 - Just Sean and Hayes

    I like that Sean and Hayes will just do an episode without any guests. They don't go begging for them like those dorks from Beauty and the Beast. I would give this episode a dank rating!
  8. There's a popular fan theory that Sean and Hayes are going to get married in episode 150. Pictures from the set support this.
  9. One of the tensest and most terrifying podcast episodes I've ever listened to. That said it also had plenty of laughs, gaffes and tons of Zach Braffs (hilarious goofballs). As the doughboys would say, I give this episode 5 stars. PS (This PS contains a spoiler for episode 148): I honestly think it's pathetic that hides behind V4vendetta masks and scary voices. I think Anonymous should be more picky about who they let join.
  10. Dear, Mother. It has been too long since we last spoke. Anything happen in your life? No? Well then listen up you piece of bitch. I just listened to today's ep (if you love me you'll know of which show I speak). It was very good with some old school vibes. Anyway I love you. Best wishes, Your little prince-baby. PS On my way to take a shit I saw Chris Gethard exiting the restroom so I gave him a big smile. He smiled back!
  11. There's a man in front of me, dressed as a monkey, climbing on a lamppost. But this street has free wifi so I'll stare at him until the episode is downloaded. I reckon it'll be a good one Bye!
  12. For his afterbirthday I tried to solve the ARG to get Sean on Doughboys. Things/clues I did/I found: 1)I drank a bunch of beers. 2)In episode 1 of hollywood handbook Sean mentions that he, hayes (and possibly Jake) used to be doughboys. 3) Sean's been announced as an upcoming guest on Who's!? Charted!? 3) I watched the first few episodes of crazy ex girlfriend. THere's no clue there, but it's very funny, but you have to stick with it for more than ten minutes like what how long I stuck with it the firest time I attempted to watch it. In conclusion: After the doughlympics?
  13. If I was Sean's friend in real life, I would gift him an inexpensive birthday present that is high in sentimental value. Are any of you friends with Sean in real life? Would he like that?
  14. If I was Sean's friend in real life, I would send him a text message saying "Happy B-day. And no, the 'B' doesn't stand for Boner!" I think he would like that.
  15. Happy Birthday Mr President! and Mr Future President of Midroll ?
  16. I really enjoyed this episode. I guess it was kind of an exploration in both nostalgia and self identity. How do we present ourselves to the world? Should we change ourselves to impress others? Should we change to be more like others that have impressed us? Or can we stay the same? Should we stay the same? Is it possible to grow and change without idealising our past? Should we stay with someone we feel comfortable with, even if they aren't hitting it? Also, that Avril Lavigne song was from one of the first albums I ever bought. I'd like to apologize to my mummy and daddy for subjecting them to sk8er boi.
  17. I've written this post in invisible ink in case Mr Scripts or Scot are monitoring the forums. Good work S+H+Howard K for using a technique that I've known about for ages called "Meinertzhagen's Haversack". Pretending to have given up and submitted to Scott's will means you can expose these lies from within. "The way to a beast's heart, is through it's belly." -famous quote.
  18. Our boy did good. Who knew Sean was so funny?
  19. Today one of the boys is on a podcast called Comedy Bang Bang
  20. Dear Hayes and Sean, If you haven't yet recorded next week's episode, I would like to request you pluck the following teaser from the (teaser) freezer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Stb7iIn1CDA It has this really sick-ass tune I've never heard before. It has really cool lines like "We need someone who can walk into a tornado and come out the other side like it was a DAMN gentle breeze." "Kick some ass and TRY to look DOPE while you're doing it" "Guns. Girls. Global Domination." But most importantly Xander Cage is back! Xander MFing CAGE! That character we all know and remember! yours always, robotam
  21. Best draft ever! Better even than the one on last week's episode of doughboys!
  22. ╱╱┏╮ ╱╱┃┃ ▉━╯┗━╮ ▉┈┈┈┈┃ ▉╮┈┈┈┃ ╱╰━━━╯
  23. Explain please. I get the joke, but some of the other forumers are having trouble understanding it.
  24. I give this podcast ._ { } { }__ I..... ( | <-- A big thumbs up I__(_I EDIT: that looked (slightly) more like a thumbs up in the text editor