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  1. Yep, one of the funniest podcast episodes around.
  2. robotam's ratings Every week robotam listens to an episode of Hollywood Handbook and rates it on a scale of one to five stars. This week robotam sets his sights on episode 141 of the Hollywood Handbook podcast. Well here we are again. Summertime is here. 5stars, incredible episode, really silly, really funny, really made me smile. Join robotam next week where he'll rate and review episode 142 of Hollywood Handbook.
  3. Whoops, you guys ever get the date wrong?
  4. There was something weird about those ads Hayes did for 5forClothingClub. Carrie Anne Moss famously has short hair. I think Hayes is having an affair. PS Good episode 9/10, jk, 10/10.
  5. I like the podcast you do with Jeffrey. Remember back when y'all talked about Becker? I think part of the reason Becker might have been poor is that while bigoted about people with different lifestyles to him Becker doesn't believe that only the rich deserve health care. Evidence from your podcast: One of the characters said (paraphrasing) Becker is an asshole but what stops him from being a complete asshole is that he is a good doctor. I believe by "good doctor" she meant Becker isa good person when it comes to doctor stuff. He paid for child with AIDs treatment. I think Becker lets some payments slide.
  6. Enough about five four clothing. I'm giving this five for stars (out of a potential 5). RIP Adam Snacks.
  7. I really like Adam Buxton. Can't wait for the next episode of Hollywood Handbook
  8. Really good ep. Liked having guests get involved in the fake ads.
  9. This is now my favourite episode of this podcast. AND I LIKE THIS PODCAST!
  10. This episode was great. I have some christmas soap that smells of cinnamon, but it burns my hands. EDIT: DAMN I didn't realise I made my first post in this thread. Thought I was talking to my computer. Sorry Sean, wish there was a way I could change it.
  11. The episode Chris did with Hayes was great! (Imagine if I left that as my comment. Sean would be SO mad).
  12. I've been relistening to the AD FREE HOWL ARCHIVE of The Reality Show Show. It's really got me juiced up and hungry for tomorrow's episode of HOLLYWOOD HANDBOOK.
  13. Sean if you need a popcorn gallery q ask them how to deal with a team of 3 Trobjorns and 3 Symmetras. I don't want to blame my team, but they aren't doing very much. It's up to me to move the payload and I've only got one minute! don't let up til you get an answer!
  14. Lots of brilliant lines just chucked out all rapid fire like. Wonderful ep. Would recommend.
  15. After hearing the boys' thoughts on their fans I became overwhelmed with emotion. I had to get to the recording studio and work out my feelings. The band and I worked really hard and I'm proud of what we did. This is my song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Abrn8aVQ76Q EDIT: Yes, I often refer to podcasts as women. Also there is a line about not being a dweeb. But that line is ironic. I am a total dweeb-o nerd. EDIT2: Good ep. One of my favourites.
  16. Hollywood Handbook is no 1 imho, smdh @itunes.
  17. Isn't one supposed to say PST before one whispers a secret!? I listened to this episode in the afternoon. It was a different experience to my normal morning listen. Still a pleasant experience. Still pleasant. Well, that's pretty much it for this post.
  18. Very funny premise for this episode. Very funny people involved in this episode. Unfortunately... ... I LOVED IT! Now I have to listen to next week's ep, because Hollywood Handbook is my favourite podcast!
  19. Can we ask 2 part questions? Did that^ count as one of the questions Did that^ count as one of the questions Is the person nice?