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  1. Jeff, In forbes's list of the top ten highest paid comedians in 2015, you were tied for fourth place. The year is not over. Is there anywhere we can donate to help you nudge out that bastard Russell Peters?
  2. Why did they call that website OKCupid and not VeryGoodCupid?
  3. My thoughts on this weeks ep Good ep Funny Lot's of laughs Entertaining I enjoyed it Good use of humour Everyone involved did a great job I liked it! Can't wait to listen to next week's episode.
  4. Will they or won't they? It's like Zack and Cody over here!
  5. Q: Why is this forum like teenage me's bedroom? A: Great posters! and dripping with "sexual tension"
  6. That's made me really, really happy. I remember one time I asked a rubbish question on a radio thing and I was just sort of dismissed. So when I heard my (forum) name, I instantly felt a little sick. Them laughing at it has left me genuinely delighted.
  7. My question made people laugh!
  8. Blink, check out my post count!
  9. Dear Brandon, are you DTF?
  10. Dear Brandon, Edit: Nevermind, I solved this one myself.
  11. Stephanie, You were on an episode of The League. Did that guy ever show any signs that he hadn't really been involved in 9/11?
  12. Brandon, are you just Paul F Tompkins doing a character?
  13. How much money did Howl pay you to appear in "The Wild Horse Perspective"? That question was for Stephanie
  14. Great ep. But that not just my opinion, just ask my friends. "Great ep" ....................... "Great ep" ......................... "Great ep" ..................... "Great ep" "Great ep" ....................... "Great ep" ......................... "Great ep" ..................... "Great ep"
  15. Was probably just a glove ,TBH
  16. \#truStory my internet cut off just as a door clanged open. It's back up now \end#truStories EDIT. HOLY flip. that was great!
  17. I hope they get a doctor on. In case they do, here is my popcorn G Q. Doctor Doctor! Is medicine really just a con?
  18. My sincerest apologies for not getting back to you sooner. no.
  19. Sitting on a toilet at uni, using their free wifi to download this ep. Life don't get better than this.
  20. your avatar is pretty. EDIT: post 1 hundred and 69 lol
  21. Speaking of cross. Did you know that Jesus christ died on a cross for your sins? But more importantly, Is this picture still coming up ? I tried to change it to this but I guess Earwolf is rejecting it, because of the high levels of fright it might create.