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    EPISODE 374 — Tick Tock Clawk

    Like Jerry? PS: the ep was fun and the guests (and host) looked like they enjoyed themselves. 5/5 would recommend.
  2. Just last night I watched the episode titled S.O.S. Bernard turns to Jin and says something along the lines of "No, three rocks across. We need the sign to be seen. Make three rows." I paused the DVD and said " I'm Jin, Rose is your wife." My wee sister laughed, so I know this is a funny joke. I thought some of the other LOSTies here might enjoy it!
  3. Ow. I was so embarrassed for Scott, you could tell he wasn't sure if he should really get down and suck on [redacted]. Here's to one hundred more eps. And only one hundred
  4. I've really enjoyed all the eps so far, but this one was particularly great!
  5. That's what I said when Bono and his bandmates were asking me what the best way of being allowed to spend the night at a hotel was!
  6. also I just unpaused a podcast and then jumped, because I wasn't expecting the noise of people talking #hollyweirdlaughs
  7. I want to play metal gear solid but my lost season 2 dvd is in the playstation #hollywoodhelp
  8. Oh no. I missed the popcorn gallery questions. Hopefully the boys have asked Jesse some of the questions I submitted for Rust.
  9. I reckon this is how Chanson ends his morningly text to his father. Also, there was something else I wanted to post. But I forgot it. Anyway, great posts all round everyone, bye.
  10. "Lennon and St. Clair" was a funny bit.
  11. Listened to this episode while sneaking about Afghanistan. (IN A VIDEOGAME OF COURSE!) Glad I was around when we were asked to submit pcorn gall qs. But seriously my 3 word review of this ep: Great ep IMHO
  12. Andrew, Have you ever walked into a room where people were in the middle of trying to list all the housemates on Winnie the pooh and you walked in just after they said Kanga and they were saying "and Roo," and then you said "What?" and then they said "We weren't fuckin' talkin' to you, ya dickhead!"? I hope this hasn't happened but if it did it would make a really really good anecdote. PS edit: decided just to delete my PS. Hopefully no one saw it.
  13. I have a friend called Andrew and he owns a guitar. I haven't spoken to him in a year!
  14. Paul, I saw this sign outside the local leisure complex Do you think they supply the babies, or do you need to find one before going?
  15. Paul, Did you see the Simon Pegg movie "Paul"? Were you angry that they got Seth Rogen to do your voice ?
  16. Hello Paul! You worked on season four of arrested development. If you could have one famous celeb arrested, who would it be and who would you pick to be the prison warden?
  17. Paul, In Inglourious Basterds, the World War 2-era nazis were portrayed as the villains. What are your thoughts on modern day Nazis?
  18. This episode was like a little schoolboy that I know, Short and sweet!
  19. The rest of you should call your banks too. When was the last time you phoned them up just to chat? So go on, make a banker's day and give them a ring.
  20. Is Sean ok? It's odd. I've only heard up to episode 70 of who charted? So to skip all the way to 247 feels wrong. But yet so right.
  21. When I was on holiday I used the museum's restroom many times in the first couple of days. There was a doorman and he started to look sad when he saw me coming. He must have known that I didn't really go there to appreciate the good art. Also I was thinking about Comedy Bang Bang. Do any of you all (or y'all for short) listen to Comedy Bang Bang? Do you think the boys (Sean and Hayes) will ever be on it again? And do you you think Scott would say "Hayes Nong Man" or "Hayes Sean Man"? And do you think we could stop him saying either of those things? Peace & Love robotom