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  1. Oh yeah, One of the people in the picture in my last post is my dad. I won't say which one but I'll just say that he plays a certain Devilish detective on hit BBC drama Luther. I don't currently have a dog. But when I did, she looked like this
  2. I had some friends round to play the H.Wood H.Book Board Game. They were having such fun that I was able to snap a quick selfie of them without them noticing!
  3. I found the original model
  4. It's lying around somewhere. I'll see if I can find it
  5. robotam

    A little problem with this podcast...

    Something you're "miss"ing? As in something you are doing in the style of a miss? They are called women, ok? That said, I'm not sure if you are womaning anything. I too would like to know how to make sandwiches.
  6. Sillylillyquee's picture is wonderful. I've got the GENUINE ORIGINAL copy, which I will be willing to sell for BIG BUCKS (money). I have enclosed a photo of the picture to show I AM not A LIAR.
  7. (I agree). Whoever it was who was looking for episode recommendations, you should listen to this one. Also, I thought it would be a good test of my photoshop prowess to see what Mary would (or should I say WILL) look like as one of the next Spidermen.
  8. Hello! On improv4humans in the music episodes do you get to hear the music or is the music CGI-ed in later?
  9. It's because seesaws are fun and even a mean detective should have a fun side. Also it's the sum of all detectives that exists divided by the total number of detectives that exist, producing the (arithmetic) mean detective.
  10. Here's my attempt at a mean detective. WARNING this photo is only for true MATHS NERDS!
  11. I like the episode of Friends where Ross (one of the Friends, not the dog) gets mad at his boss for eating Ross(one of the Friends, not the dog)'s lunch. "MY HAMBURGER SANDWICH!!!"
  12. This wasn't that good, I didn't laugh once. APRIL FOOLS DAY PRANK! It was very good. I laughed more than once. Fans should be referred to as "The Nation of Is Fan"
  13. I'm going to do the challenge to see if I can co-host next time Hayes is away(s). Welcome to Hollwould Handbook, an inside man's, no wholes barred sneak peak into picking fights and dropping mics near the rose tinted spectacles of the stars and starlets in this industry we call show show show show biz. I've listened to every episode and I still think I made one or two mistakes. How does Hayes do it!?
  14. Darn right this section requires expansion. They don't even mention who plays Goodwill ! The official movie website isn't any help either
  15. Maybe Magneto is a ISIS too.