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  1. Apparently, the boys have been banned at the last minute from doing an episode entitled Carl Tart, Our Flagrant Friend. They will need to do an emergency record that they haven’t prepared for. So there WILL be a popcorn gallery. They won’t even find out the guest (Brian Huskey) until they walk in the studio. So send in your questions ASAP.

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  2. 😖 (don’t know if there’s a “whoops” emoji, so used this wee guy).


    also Adam kept calling this an interview. I prefer to think of the podcast as two best friends shooting the shit with there famous or funny pals. If it was a more traditional interview it would have been nice for them to bring up the fact that Eve is the one who ruins everything by listening to the mean snake.

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  3. Normally, when a live show is released, they see a huge reverse spike in downloads. No one who attended the show would want to listen without “all the actions”. To combat this, I suspect the boys will ask us for popcorn gallery questions to be edited in to next week’s episode. If there was anything you ever wanted to ask Tom or Julie, get your typing fingers ready!

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  4. On 8/28/2018 at 5:19 PM, robotam said:

    I was locked out of my office this morning, so was able to listen to the entire episode (v. funny) before work and then while I was at work the place where I was planning on buying new socks burnt down.

    I like toasty socks as much as the next guy. But this


    is ridiculous!



    also pro V and Mclass were great

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