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    EPISODE 112 — Jupiter Ascending

    Did anyone see that a Jeopardy question tonight in a "Podcasts" category was about HDTGM and the types of movies they covered? The answer to the question was Speed 2.
  2. MichaelBurton

    EPISODE 80 — Jon Gabrus Again, Our Close Friend

    Today when my professor from Egypt asked who/what I go to when I'm in need of today's most topical and current events, I informed him and the rest of my class about Jon Gabrus and Sean and Hayes. When he wrote "Hollywood Handbook" on the board, I couldn't tell if it was the proudest moment of my life or the most shameful moment of my life.
  3. I thought there was no better feeling than waking up to a surprise episode of U Talking U2 to Me. And I have just been proven wrong.
  4. Kumail, Aren't you smart and funny? Any advice on how to be smart and funny? Asking for a couple of friends.
  5. MichaelBurton

    Episode 1 — Analyze Phish

    Thank you
  6. MichaelBurton

    We will miss you Harris

    It's 4 am and I've never been crying and laughing so hard at the same time. Thank you Harris for making me realize you don't have to try to be funny.
  7. MichaelBurton

    Episode 69 — Betsy Sodaro, Our Close Friend

    Anyone notice today was Hayes' first guest appearance on another podcast in 2.5 years of working for the international conglomerate of Earwolf? Hmmmm and until now, he was living up to his personal host description so well. Should we consider that he now has found meaning in life? Should we consider he will go on to live life free from the pressures that Anchorman and his fellow suits have been blanketing him with in the ever time-consuming world that is Hollywood Handbook? The answers to those two questions are no and mmmmm no.
  8. Is this like How Did This Get Made in the sense I need to watch this movie to get the full experience? Or should I just listen to the soundtrack of the movie to get the full experience? Real question here, never seen GOTG, or any movie besides Blue Jasmine for that matter.
  9. MichaelBurton

    Episode 68 — Erin Gibson, Our Close Friend

    Hey everyone, don't forget to vote for HH in the 10th annual Podcast Awards - http://www.podcastawards.com/ Don't be afraid to count it under categories such as Religious Inspiration and Mature as well as People's Choice. Fingers crossed it beats Serial!
  10. There is a great video podcast of the two of them and Horatio Sanz on i4h on youtube.
  11. Jes, any advice on how to get someone out of your dreams and thus into your car?
  12. This is a really good point that I never thought of. I love this show and I wake up happier than ever on Fridays solely because of this show. But I would love it even more if her characters were personalities that we had a feel for going into the episode. Maybe she will use these characters on CBB and create crazy storied backgrounds like Cake Boss and Traci Reardon have. But also it is really early into the show, plus this episode was great. So I should probably just shut up and be happy that Lauren Lapkus has her own podcast.
  13. You're gonna have to change your tone and wait in line like the rest of us.
  14. MichaelBurton

    Episode 65 — Dan Klein, Our Close Friend

    I would like to join in and help reach our goal of 1000. Also has it been confirmed that there will be a new episode tomorrow? I'm scared.
  15. MichaelBurton

    Episode 65 — Dan Klein, Our Close Friend

    Hey you won fair and square. I just can't believe you didn't want to include Scott going on record saying he actually considers Sean and Hayes, in his own words, to be "cool". But I'm just glad we could both spread the good news.
  16. MichaelBurton

    Episode 65 — Dan Klein, Our Close Friend

    It only took me 11 minutes to figure out how to post this. That's not the only win today though obviously ^^ and I wanted to post the proof. I'd just like to say thank you to everyone and now as long as Sean and Hayes stay "cool" in Scott's eyes, we don't have to worry about who listens to the show anymore! So stop telling your friends to listen and delete your reviews and ratings on iTunes! Sorry I took too long to make a difference.
  17. MichaelBurton

    Episode 65 — Dan Klein, Our Close Friend

    But I just made an earwolf account so I could be nice and smart and maybe even cool with the other forum goers. I always read the different posts and was scared of not being funny but then I saw someone say something not funny on Friday so I joined. Maybe Sean and Hayes are tired of all these new people thinking they can just waltz right in and be their friends. I'll stop playing pretend and go back to room and listen to the Paul Rust episode. I guess I liked that one
  18. I could not agree more with this. I thought this was the best episode yet (besides Public Domain with PFT). I like how Lauren is bringing on comedians that I might not get a chance to hear otherwise.
  19. Listening to this episode again makes me hopeful that the Golden Duchess Cruise Line friends could be on an episode. I'd love to hear the rest of Carol Sheldon's 20 facts that she didn't get to in the cbb episode.