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  1. What's up Scoop Troupe? I am looking to join your ranks and be a fellow trooper. Any suggestions for pickin' up those hot scoops? What kind of pen is best? Preferably one that can fit on my ear so I can have it at the ready at all times.
  2. I am interested! I'll private message you.
  3. It's available! I'm seriously debating getting it. Only $49 and then $38 a year after that. Not so bad.
  4. Hi, I'm new to the forum but I signed up for a very specific reason. I am absolutely DYING to go to the SF Sketchfest UTU2TM show on Feb 6th. I would like to buy at least one ticket, but up to three. Name your price, I'm desperate to go and will make it worth your while!!! If you're willing to sell your ticket(s), contact me through a message on here and I'll give you my email, then we can talk from there. Thanks for reading, and I hope you can help me out!
  5. That's amazing! I should do that for California.
  6. If anyone has a ticket they'd be willing to sell, I'll pay $50 for a ticket. Or maybe more, it's negotiable. I just couldn't go on in life knowing I missed out on seeing this.