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  1. RanRan

    PRO VERSION: The Coachella Performance

    When Brett said "Please Mr. Postman" was by the Shirelles I SCREAMED. I'm sorry, but any moron on the street could tell you "Please Mr. Postman" was by the Marvelettes!!! Frankly, the two groups sound very little alike. I mean, the Marvelettes were giddy high schoolers; the Shirelles, by the time of their signature song, "Will You Love Me Tomorrow," were adult women contemplating the madonna/whore complex! For God's sake, the Marvelettes were Motown! The Shirelles' biggest hit was a Goffin/King tune, straight out of the Brill Building scene!! Brett, next time you are allowed to speak on air, please deliver a formal apology to Gladys, Wanda, Georgeanna, Juanita, and Katherine. They are legends who deserve better. Good episode!
  2. Dear guests, do you think I'll die in the hurricane tomorrow because my boss won't close our office? If I do, will you all do a tribute show to me?
  3. Guests, I see that you are all Twitter verified, but Sean and Hayes are not. Can you please help them get the check mark?
  4. Hello, guests. Are motorcycles still cool or are they bad now? Please respond ASAP. What's a funny reference that will never get dated to make when I'm telling jokes to my friends? What is your heart's desire? Thanks, RanRan
  5. greggy, I like your star. may I have it, please?
  6. RanRan


    Hi Hayes, happy birthday. Much like my best friend Kieran (honlads) I am not feeling well enough to make a video, which I'm sure would have delighted you to no end, but I did go to all the trouble of logging into the forum to say happy birthday and I hope you appreciate that. Anyway, here's a picture of the dog I live with wearing my glasses, enjoy.
  7. I enjoyed listening to this podcast episode while driving in my Ford Focus.
  8. Hi Jen! You are good on the show. Is making jokes or, more accurately, puns and cultural references, based on people's names funny? Why or why not? What is the funniest way of kissing? At what age are most people funniest, and should we as a society be working on a way to preserve them at that age? Can all people be funny or just some and which ones?
  9. RanRan

    Survivor Season 33: MEGATHREAD

    Here are my 10-minute predictions, if I beat you you should be embarrassed Challenge Beast: Taylor The Strategist: David The Black Widow AKA the Parvati Award: Figgy The Cutthroat: Jay (I mean he compared himself to Russell Hantz...) The Old Schooler: Bret Under The Radar: Lucy Wildcard: Zeke Bench Player: Will Final 3 Prediction: Mari, Figgy, David Winner Pick: Mari
  10. hi guys recorded an album this weekend please buy it after it has been overdubbed, mixed, mastered, contracted out to a label, pressed, promoted, exclusively premiered on some website no one has ever heard of, and released
  11. Congrats to whoever got all those iMessages in this episode! Sounds like you're a very popular young man.
  12. When Hayes and Sean used to tell people to post on the forum, people used to post on the forum. I'm just pointing that out.
  13. RanRan

    A humble introduction to the HH Classics

    This list is incorrect, sorry
  14. To the gentleman who referred to Engineer Sam's Brewers cap as "trying too hard": First of all, my apologies for not being able to tell which white guy you were when you were talking. Your voices happen to sound quite similar, and since I'm used to listening to Hollywood Handbook, which features two white guys with really different voices that are easily distinguished from each other, it was a bit challenging for me. Anyway, the question at hand is why Engineer Sam would choose to wear a cap featuring the retro Brewers logo. The answer to that is so obvious that it renders the initial question unspeakably absurd. He is wearing a retro Brewers cap because the classic "glove and ball" Brewers logo (used from 1978 to 1993) is THE BEST GODDAMN SPORTS LOGO TO EVER EXIST. Think of how old you were when you first realized that the glove and ball formed an "m" and a "b." Think of how long it took you to see this. Think about how clever that is, and how much you loved it even before then due to its use of classic primary colors and simple silhouette. Did you know that the retro Brewers logo was designed by an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire? It was chosen from over 2,000 designs, many of which came from professional graphic designers. While this fact may seem insignificant, deeper analysis proves revealing. The Milwaukee Brewers' ball-and-glove logo speaks to the team's commitment to quality over hype, a value strongly tied to the city of Milwaukee's working class atmosphere. The team's current logo, while a significant improvement over the abysmal '90s design, can't reach the heights of the original "barrel man" design; it certainly can't compete with the classic ball-and-glove design. Let's not forget that it was with this classic logo that the Brewers made it to the World Series in 1982. It's no wonder that Sam would prefer to wear the logo of this astoundingly talented team (Molitor! Vuckovich! Fingers! YOUNT!!) rather than, um, the current team. Ultimately, the question should be why we are not all wearing the classic Milwaukee Brewers logo on our bodies every day. Please rescind your unwarranted comments regarding Engineer Sam's choice of headwear, sir.