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  1. I don't object to paying for the content. I just expect that if I'm paying for some podcast episodes then I should, you know, be able to listen to them. I don't think I've ever gotten through an episode without Howl unexpectedly stopping playback and forgetting where it was, or crashing out completely. I'll occasionally check back on reviews, and if the app becomes usable I might give it another try. But I already feel like I was cheated out of some money, so it's gonna take real work to win back that trust. Nothing at all against the creators at Earwolf, and I'll continue to listen to the new shows.
  2. JoeWeinmunson

    Episode 153.5 - Minisode 153.5

    So, my old enemy returns. In the Spring of 1991 some friends and I made a long trip to the theater. We thought about canceling because there was a terrible rainstorm that Saturday, but we really didn't want to miss this show. It was an hour-and-a-half drive each way at the best of times; closer to three hours in this weather. But we went, and we stuck it out for the whole movie. That movie was Highlander 2. We were huge fans of the original, often watching it on VHS. Kickass swordfights, grand, sweeping music, a fantasy story that spanned the centuries--it was everything our nerdy teenage selves adored. And then to see THAT. A sequel that blatantly ignored the premises of the first film wrapped up in a nonsense plot . . . and the fucking planet Zeist. It makes me angry to this day.
  3. JoeWeinmunson

    EPISODE 111 — Hercules in New York: LIVE!

    A time-traveling Pretzie appears. http://rosylipsandch...hings-i-did-not
  4. JoeWeinmunson

    "Because You Watched..." Netflix suggestions that miss the mark

    I've got a bad one that wasn't computer generated. Back when Blockbuster first became a big national chain I paused in the aisle to stare for a second at this one: IF YOU LIKED Free Willy YOU'LL LOVE Orca
  5. It's all about the wet mouth sounds.