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  1. I would just like to say that I'm watching the Island and on episode 4 Ashlii goes into an elimination even though she's hurt so that she doesn't make TJ mad for quitting, and he's totally not feeling it and berates her and calls her wack anyway. I don't have anywhere else to talk about this so goodbye.
  2. http://stopbeingpolite.com/2015/02/09/john-jacobs-suffers-heart-attack/ So apparently lanky ass are you the one dude had a massive heart attack for too much blow. Points?
  3. The sound the scientist made almost made me jump out of my friggin skin, but a very nice very funny very smart episode
  4. Ah yes, satire, the poor man's Riddle Me This.
  5. One of the more interesting episodes in a while last night. TJ was giddy over that elimination
  6. Damn my bad, I thought it was in that thread somewhere. Basically it was someone saying that they saw CT walking around the streets of NY crying his eyes out last week.
  7. http://vevmo.com/for...burello?page=37 Somewhere on that terrible, terrible, typo ridden website "The Kroll Show" "then im down if its like MadTV/WildNOut" That's the most beautiful haiku I've ever read.
  8. Is Matt Murbles someone's John Travolta-ized name?
  9. Teej freaking out at Ev on Fresh Meat 2 is his top moment. I wish RSS would return to talk about it. Or get TJ on HH! He did some grantland shit
  10. Sean was just on Parks and Rec!
  11. That happened before Diem's death. From what I've read on terrible, terrible Real World forums, he's not taking it very well at all.
  12. I hope so. It just seems like he's settled down in terms of caring about being on the challenge. Looked like the last few times he was there solely to be with D. He's honestly one of the most normal people on the show now. That "Choo Choo!" moment from a few seasons back was like the last CT thing that he did
  13. I don't know, Diem seemed to really mean a lot to him. Perhaps going back on the challenge would be too hard?