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  1. By the way, we ended up going. It was great. Some of it was kinda cheesy like I expected (I think I said "morning zoo radio corny" haha), but it didn't take away from seeing The Room in the theater, and they did have some genuinely funny bits around it and even pointed out one or two things that we hadn't noticed in all the millions of times we've seen it (drawing a blank on an example... this is like a month later after all haha). Definitely glad I went though.

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  2. So they're doing a Rifftrax screening of "The Room" here in Las Vegas tomorrow, and while I'd jump at any chance to see The Room in a movie theater again (would be my 5th time but first in like 3 or 4 years)... From the commercials I've seen of previous Rifftrax presentations, it looks like it will be incredibly corny. Like Morning Zoo radio corny... Anyone have an opinion on them? Are they pretty good? Should I just have my own The Room screening at home and invite friends over?

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  3. Yea Mission To Mars and Red Planet... I was so excited for both... I thought both were terrible... I could be mixing them up, but I think I thought Mission To Mars was the more ridiculous of the two.


    Black Dahlia would be AMAZING. I laughed so hard in the theater during that movie.

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  4. So I've been going back and catching up on old episodes and just listened to The Room episode (amazing) and thought people would enjoy my story.


    I actually saw The Room at its 3rd ever screening outside of LA here in Las Vegas at a film festival at The Palms. I'm a film music composer and I frequently attend as many film festivals as I can get myself into to see movies and network. So my friend and I were walking around while I exchanged business cards until I eventually gave one to Tommy Wiseau. I of course had no idea who he was but he told me "Oh, you composer? You should see my movie. I spend $2 million on music!" Perhaps that's where a good chunk of that ridiculous budget went? I suppose we'll never truly know.


    I of course had no idea what I was in for when we walked into the theater. Somehow even that far back (the DVD wasn't even out yet) people were already dying laughing and seemingly already in on the joke and yelling things back on the screen... I honestly don't think I ever laughed so hard in my life. I've been a fan ever since.


    Unfortunately Tommy hasn't hired me to compose music for him for $2 million yet.

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