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    Sweet looking tee. Just ordered one. I think the shirt and the idea behind it is super classy and I hope the fund keeps memories of Harris alive for a long time. I heard about Harris's passing right before I downloaded and started listening to NF&P4... I was literally typing the word "motherfucker," (as in "Goodbye and thank you, Harris, you crazy motherfucker") with tears in my eyes, on a Facebook post when I heard Scott say "Motherfuckers just wanna laugh." I can't wait to proudly wear this shirt and explain to my five year old what a "motherfucker" is. "Now son, there are good motherfuckers and bad motherfuckers. And sometimes a "bad motherfucker" can mean a good guy who's kinda bad... But in cool way. Han Solo was one bad motherfucker. Jaba The Hut was just a motherfucking asshole. Now remember, 'motherfucker' is just an 'at-home word.' Those motherfuckers at your kindergarten will bitch my ass out if you go around calling motherfuckers motherfuckers. I'm glad we had this talk son. And please don't be a stupid motherfucker and start shooting dope, no matter how bad shit gets."