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  1. This movie was an hour and forty minute run-on sentence. It was exposition at an incessant pace, so much was being thrown at me the entire time. It was like they got Zoey Deutch got into an ADR booth and said, "hey we have 45 minutes to get through everything, go!"
  2. I love the podcast so much!!!! NY is not disappointing, though Bethany and Carole's behavior did disappoint this week. They were like a couple of mean girls, I thought the friendship of my two favorite ladies would be fun to watch but I don't know that I like them together so far. The way they treated Jules, who is not my favorite but whose husband I really like, was deplorable. Ladies, you are not teenage girls, I know you know how to act, be better. Side note, I love June but she could not have been more wrong about the principessa vs countess fight. If Luanne was so worried about her niece's feelings why was she hiring someone who her niece was hung up on? Lastly, here's a lesson for all the ladies of all the cities, unless someone asks your opinion of their significant other, keep it to yourself. And even when they do ask think very carefully about what you say and how you say it, because no one wants to hear their loved one is garbage. I mean really unless they're actually abusive just shut up.
  3. I was just watching a part of Fast 5 on cable and there was a shot of the "translator" "lady cop" played by Elsa Pataky a.k.a. Mrs. Thor, where she and June looked so much alike. Am I the only one that thinks so? June and Elsa.pdf