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  1. Correction and Omissions: Very simple and it applies to both Mannequin films. How are these wooden mannequins still existing after a thousand years? Like someone dug up a relic of from the middle ages, realized it was a wooden lady, and just thought, "oh I'll donate this to a mannequin supplier"? Seriously, who was passing down these mannequins over the years???
  2. Magicktown

    EPISODE 124 - Hackers

    Aside from the fact that in the 1990's three letter passwords were already not a thing- every time the password GOD is entered in to a computer there are only three character spaces. As if the virus... or the Gibson... or whatever it was being logged into... could ONLY be three characters long. The 70's and 80's were already ahead of the notion of a three letter password. I know the episode addressed the preposterous passwords, but in the film the computer login screen wouldn't have even allowed for more than three letters. That doesn't make sense at all... ever.
  3. Magicktown

    EPISODE 112 — Jupiter Ascending

    Omission: When the Balem Abrasax floats in his chariot thing during the first scene with the leather jacket reptiles, the chariot is adorned with a gold-ish person that is obviously played by a black actress. Seems a bit unnecessarily insensitive in a film full of every imaginable alien / humanoid creature in the universe to have him fly in a thrown with a black slave attached to the front like a trophy. No?
  4. Magicktown

    Predestination (2014)

    Again, he has sex with himself, and gives birth to himself. He kidnaps himself. And somehow he becomes a time traveling redneck that now bombs innocent people and explains it away that he has saved so many lives it doesn't matter. Then he kills that future self, whom apparently did not see that coming. How did he end up the fizzle bomber, and why did he let the fizzle bomber go after he stops him the one time when the fizzle bomber gets burned?
  5. Magicktown

    Predestination (2014)

    This film is insane. Here is the simplest way to explain plot. Ethan Hawke plays a man that used to be a woman, lost her lady parts and discovered she had man parts, had surgery to become a man in appearance too, went back in time and had sex with his younger self, impregnated the younger version, then traveled back from farther in the future and kidnapped himself as a baby, returns to an earlier time depositing himself to grow up and become the young lady he once was, and eventually has his face changed to look like Ethan Hawke, finally killing a different future version of himself that is also time traveling and has become a hick with long hair terrorizing the continuum with bombings. He is a man, a woman, his own mother, his own father (all played by a female), a different man (the one played by Ethan Hawke), eventually a mad bomber hick that is killed by his younger self (both Ethan Hawke). And finally he is both a baby and the man that kidnaps himself from himself in order to grow up to become himself. BONKERSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I know the opening sequence was briefly touched on, but Stallone literally fires randomly into the side of the truck to prove it contains gas right after the man on top of it has confirmed, by checking, that it does in fact contain gas. Hidden drug compartment or not there is no way Stallone could have known that he wasn't shooting into the flammable part of the metal gas tank. Also had he actually killed the driver, how does he know the truck would stop on time? At no point does he imply he plans to move. The opening sequence is obviously cliche eighties action fodder, but still...