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    My username is a reference to an episode of the podcast Improv4H

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  1. AlbinLundholm

    Episode 296 - The Rudest Alarm Clock

    Such a great episode, that last scene was especially great
  2. Oh, we're not getting a live ep
  3. Exit is great wtf
  4. No, could you please explain it to me
  5. This is too exciting, I thought we were only getting the live ep
  6. Mandell and Baltz played the twins, Kulap the old lady
  7. Which guest-heavy episodes haven't been coherent?
  8. Yes yes yes I am happy this makes me happy
  9. AlbinLundholm

    Episode 338 - Doughboy Special

    Can't wait to hear Scott k& Scott talk about that show on their next episode!!
  10. Absolutely glorious episode
  11. This is very exciting, I loved Chucky Spliff on the 8th anniversary show
  12. AlbinLundholm

    Episode 486 - Schwimm On In

    Ron Funches simply has to be the sweetest guy in comedy
  13. Good musician, great improvisers. Cool.