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  1. thatgoesinthere

    EPISODE 108 — Con Air LIVE!

    There's too much going on in this movie to ever cover all of it, but I was surprised that the whole incident that got Cyrus' plan rolling wasn't mentioned during the show at all. Why would anyone ever think that the best way to get this takeover plan in motion was to have Pinball (Dave Chappelle) swallow a baggy of matches and a tiny squirt bottle of lighter fluid (by the way, where do you even get that in prison?), then regurgitate it on the plane, all for the purpose of lighting whoever is seated next to him on fire? Was that really the only distraction they could think of? That's counting on a lot. I feel like so many things could go wrong with that. What if the matches got too wet? What if she made Pinball stay in his seat anyway? Did they know what the seating arrangements would be ahead of time? What if one of the people that were in on the plan ended up seated next to him? Would they play Rock-Paper-Scissors for who has to get burnt?
  2. thatgoesinthere

    EPISODE 103 — Zardoz

    I had this whole thing (below) all written out so I could collect my confused thoughts, but then Paul read that long Amazon review at the end of the episode that touched on a lot of the same points, the difference being that while the writer totally got the movie and observed in a reverential way, I was just fucking confused. The floating head of Zardoz in the beginning of the movie does warn you that the story is satire, but that kind of seems like an excuse for half-assing some of it. Some of the futuristic stuff they did was pretty spot on (like the communication rings), but there was so much that seemed really anachronistic. The Vortex just looked like a nice pastoral scene with wagons and farm houses that they just threw some weird, futuristic elements into (like all the plastic). The guns the Brutals use are old fashioned rifles and revolvers. And the costumes of the enlightened people seemed well thought out, but the Renegades (the people sentenced to be aged as punishment) all looked like stereotypical old people in the 20th century. The old men wore tuxedos and there was even a lady wearing a floral nightgown and sleeping cap. (Side question: Why was Friend only aged on half of his face?!) And why were the extras in the Outlands ALL WEARING BLAZERS?! Some dudes wear diapers with bullet suspenders and helmets shaped like a floating head, but the bad guys they're at war with just wear freakin' blazers? And I just have to say that I have no idea who Brett Gelman is, but he is now my favorite guest of all time. Even though I missed June, this was an amazing episode, guys! I'd also like to share a gif of my very favorite part of the movie:
  3. thatgoesinthere

    EPISODE 103 — Zardoz

    This is probably the photo Paul was thinking about: