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  1. Jim Cummings did a VO for this movie, but it's not that weird when you consider he also did a voice in Cabin Boy (he played the floating cupcake that spits). June should write the remake for this movie. She has a surprisingly clear vision for what this movie should be. It's great.
  2. cornbredx

    Paywall Special Announcement

    I want to be clear when I say this, as I can tell this is corporate greed and not because of the hosts of the show which have nothing but respect for. This is BS. One of the biggest shows on earwolf is this one. This is entirely greed based and not "because other shows do it." I do subscribe to shows I lovery. The way this was handled was awful and now I will never pay a dime for their subscription services. Horrible horrible way of handling something like this. I still have all respect for the hosts and will listen to new episodes still... assuming they aren't pay walled too. Not cool at all Earwolf. Not cool.
  3. I don't know if it's been mentioned, but Rollergator is on Rifftrax. They got the rights to stream the movie with their riff on it. It's one of the lowest budget movies they've done I think (and they've done at least 2 Ed Wood movies I can think of between Rifftrax and MST3K). It seems like Joe Estevez will be in anything. Between Werewolf, Soultaker, and Rollergator the latter is by far his worst film ever. It's also kind of funny because most of the film is at a faire (that coincidentally Joe Estevez's character is supposed to own) and it doesn't look like they're supposed to be filming there. It's bizarre. I'd say it was a student film, but the director made Hell comes to Frog Town years before it so... it's most definitely not.
  4. cornbredx

    Episode 109 - FACE OFF: LIVE!

    I remember seeing this movie when it first came out, and I liked it, but for years I didn't think it was that great. I think it has aged really well, though, and I actually think I may like it better now. It's awesome in that cheesy action movie way- the way an action movie should be cheesy. I don't know- maybe Michael Bay could learn something from this film. Anyway, despite really liking it (I tend to like bad movies, but I don't ignore the fact that it's bad) I saw some things here that I was surprised they never touched on during the show. Am I the only one who saw that Thomas Jane is in this movie? With awesome hair! Come on, how could they not even mention that if only because his hair is AMAZING! Obvious stunt doubles- did anyone else notice how obvious the stunt doubles are in this movie? Especially when they're thrown from the boat because the slow shot takes like 30 seconds, and it's clearly not Nick Cage or John Travolta flying away from the boat. It's just super noticeable in this movie- particularly in that scene. I saw this movie in theaters when it came out. In the "Somewhere over the rainbow" scene- You know, I think this may be the first movie I ever saw that had a kids song playing over something horrible happening. That's a trope now, but I wanna say this was the first time I saw that. When Nick Cage as Archer gets introduced to Castor's son he goes bad acting version of PTSD saying another kids name and hugging him and the only thing Tasha (Gina Gershon) says is "you're scaring him." It's as if that wasn't super bizarre- even for Castor Troy I'd think that'd come off really weird. Why does Castor Archer (bad guy Travolta) cut up his face when, basically, plastic surgery is how the faces are switched? What difference does that make? They did kind of touch on this, but this is supposed to be some super new exciting technology that they can switch faces, and it seems like the people that were killed were the only ones who can perform this surgery because it's so new and whatever, but then they suddenly are able to get another team of doctors that can totally figure out how to do that. Ya, Archer, you're gonna be fine, you know how you thought for good reason that you'd never get your face back? Don't worry about it there are actually other people that know how to do this surgery too... apparently. Why does Castor Archer (bad guy Travolta) seem to protect Archers daughter from an idiot trying to rape her in her own driveway one minute and sexually assault her the next? He clearly seems to despise the concept of rape in that one scene, but yet in other scenes he's all about it. I can't wrap my head around what that says about the character. This movie is great. Despite it's flaws. Broken Arrow... not so much.