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  1. durbeyfield

    EPISODE 254 — We Go to Space to Come Right Back

    BRING MIKE BACK. Hayes Davenport and Mike O'Brien have been the two greatest guests of all time. They both vibed with Howard so well. Hope both will return soon.
  2. durbeyfield

    Who is your HH dream guest?

    Don't remember if you guys have talked about the Dave Thomas episode recently, but I listened to it today. He was an excellent guest and was the first one in my memory to ask Sean to speak on that. Another old school bro to kick it with the "dudes" would be cool. Martin Short would be the best guest of all time?
  3. durbeyfield

    Who is your HH dream guest?

    Andy Kindler would be great. Jon Wurster who used to be eggs's comedy partner.
  4. durbeyfield

    EPISODE 250 — That's It. So What?

    Love Jake, miss the Files. Howie 4 Prez 2020
  5. Maybe it was Singled Out?
  6. Scharpling is tied with Sinbad for my favorite ep now. Sinbad was the perfect example of how to play along and Tom was the perfect example of how to play it straight. I was curious to see how TS would play it cus he has said he loves the show so he obviously gets it but he never really goes silly - he is constantly the straight man to Jon Wurster's characters. Great ep, I'm gonna do a two-in-one-day on it.
  7. Listening to the live broadcast is the best way in my opinion. The one with S&H wasn't live but it'll be live tonight at 9 ET. Check it out, you guys!
  8. durbeyfield

    Episode 90 — Brian Huskey, Our LIVE Friend

    Yes! My two favorite podcasts joining forces. Starting it now.
  9. it'll be on the podcast version tomorrow, somewhere between 2:30:00-2:45:00. I listen to it live so I don't have the exact spot, sorry. It made me very happy to hear, though.
  10. Tom Scharpling just gave a huge shout out to HH on The Best Show. Said it's the funniest podcast going.
  11. durbeyfield

    EPISODE 174 — Whiplash Ft. Armen

    whats the name of the Dragoon song in this ep? I can find it!
  12. durbeyfield

    Episode 201 — Dog Rescue

    I thought this was a great ep, very funny all around.
  13. durbeyfield


    great episode. Scharpling and Wurster are unbelievably awesome, I listen to their show every week.