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  1. Atypical

    Episode 287 - 420 Special 2017

    Currently in my local paper. What a world we live in.
  2. My roommate, who happens to BE a pineapple, did not appreciate your announcement. On another note: I need to cut back on the Mescaline.
  3. I can't wait until they retire Xanders fur jacket and put it in the Smithsonian right next to Indiana Jones's!
  4. I read the short story in high school. The only thing I remember was that the lawnmower mowed the lawn itself. While the lawnmower man followed nude behind it, on all fours, eating the grass it was cutting. Or maybe I had dropped acid and read a John deer manual or something.
  5. I have to say it was hilarious but also the worst of the Freestyle rap contests. Pumpkin seeds.
  6. Atypical


    Yes yes a thousand times yes!!
  7. Have all the fame of a childhood star then add a bunch of molestation onto that and see how normal you turn out.
  8. Atypical

    Episode 144 - Stealth

    Actually suicide on a ship is more common then you'd think. I guess being out to sea for 6-12 months isn't good for you.
  9. Atypical

    Episode 144 - Stealth

    Also since they were both brought to life by lightning can we please get a sequel involving Johnny 5? Jason can play Ben.
  10. Atypical

    Episode 144 - Stealth

    I bet I can guess why it costs so much to make. Probably because they paid to use a real aircraft carrier with real military personnel (can you imagine how much it must cost to have an Aircraft Carrier running each day?). This was filmed on the Aircraft carrier CVN 72, an aircraft carrier that I was stationed on when I was in the Navy from 2007-2011. And let me tell you how much pride some of these chiefs onboard had for being involved in this terrible movie, hell most of them had and kept shitty props from the movie or had mugs and t-shirts from it. Some even had pictures of them with the crew from the film (not the actors, literally random crew members with indifference stamped all over their faces while this cheif stood next to them smiling). If that was the end it would have been fine but when you are out to sea there is not much to do besides go to one of the gyms onboard or watch one of the 3 movie channels on the ships TV system ran by the media department who chose all the movies played all day and you wouldn't believe how many times they played this terrible movie and Top Gun!! It was insanity. The two things that give me PTSD episodes would have to be fresh linen febreeze (they used it on everything all the time) and this fucking movie. Also my job on the ship was a Sea Combat Air Controller and I was training to be an Air Intercept controller. Both jobs consisted of me Infront of a radar and talking/controlling these fighter jets and let me tell you they really can just tell you to fuck off up there (not that they do it much) but since I'm enlisted and they were all officers I didn't give them orders I would advise them on what to do on their mission and they did what they wanted, but almost all of them always listened and followed what I said to do.
  11. Atypical

    Episode 143 - Gods of Egypt

    Still is a very British thing for a Sphinx to say.
  12. Atypical

    Episode 143 - Gods of Egypt

    Hell no stop-motion turns me on. I get rock hard everytime I watch Wallace & Gromit or The Lost World.
  13. It looks like young Keith Gridley will have a lonely summer, until he meets a talking mouse named Ralph. Ralph takes an immediate liking to Keith's toy motorcycle and can ride it just by making a motor noise. Ralph even acts heroically when Keith comes down with a nasty fever, while dodging cats, owls and a guest's noisy dog. The creepier version of Stuart Little. I really want to know how many dead stuffed mice were used in the production of this movie. I really loved the children's book but found the movie disturbing.
  14. Atypical

    Dragon Wars: D-War (2007)

    In accordance with a Korean legend, every five hundred years, a woman protected by a man transforms in a serpent to fight against a dragon in a battle between good and evil. In Los Angeles of the present days, after a mysterious accident, the reporter Ethan Kendrick recalls his meeting fifteen years ago with Jack, who owned an antique shop and told him that he was the one supposed to protect Sarah Daniels. Ethan seeks out Sarah and together they fight to survive and destroy the devilish dragon. All I remember from this movie was the shitty cgi and terrible story. I don't understand how this movie made so much money.
  15. Atypical

    Episode 143 - Gods of Egypt

    Also I think movies with insane amounts of cgi put me to sleep because I don't normally fall asleep in a movie theater but I dozed off during the cgi final battle. And the only other time I fell asleep during a movie was that terrible "Dragon Wars" movie where they used the same quality cgi that was used in the Mortal Kombat movies.