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  1. MarcusIrving

    Survivor Season 34: MEGATHREAD

    Man.... love to Zeke.
  2. MarcusIrving

    Survivor Season 34: MEGATHREAD

    That was craaaaaazy
  3. MarcusIrving

    Survivor Season 34: MEGATHREAD

    Challenge Beast- Michaela - She was amazing last season (I chose this before I saw everybody else choose it but I'm not changing) The Strategist- Zeke - Hoping he uses his brains to become a big target and game his way through the whole thing. The Black Widow- Aubry - I don't fully understand this category. The Cutthroat- Sandra - I don't think she has an option to play any other type of game than this one. The Old Schooler/Loyalist- Caleb - Don't see him making any sort of big moves, if he sticks around at all it'll because he chose the right people. Under the Radar- Cirie - She's perfect to keep around. Everybody should want her for final 3. Wildcard- Tai - I'm guessing he changes his playing completely and becomes a David type. Bench Player- Ozzy - Couldn't fit him anywhere else but I like him too much to not use him. Final 3- Zeke, Cirie, Sandra Winner- Sandra - If she gets here she wins no matter who she's with or how she got there.
  4. MarcusIrving

    Episode 153 - Escape from L.A.: LIVE!

    I laughed really hard at the Blake thing. It's something that 99% of the time is a garbage idea, but it worked here. It sucks they took too long to get the joke.
  5. MarcusIrving

    #135 Burt Ward

    Glad this is on Earwolf now! I only discovered it about a month ago and it's absolutely hilarious and he's gotten a huge amount of exclusive guests.
  6. I don't know if he's ever mentioned on his podcast or not, but he talks about it a bit on Norm Macdonald Live.
  7. MarcusIrving

    Survivor Season 33: MEGATHREAD

    oh gosh That was... gosh
  8. MarcusIrving

    Survivor Season 33: MEGATHREAD

    I love that Jeff actually stopped reading names to let that play out. A true host.
  9. These are always my favorite episodes of the year. I relistened to them all recently and they are always so consistently funny and spooky.
  10. MarcusIrving

    Survivor Season 33: MEGATHREAD

    That was amazing. Ken saying just "Yeah." to Jessica was perfect, you could see she knew she screwed up and Ken wasn't going to help her again.
  11. MarcusIrving

    Survivor Season 33: MEGATHREAD

    Well, my brackets busted But Ken's as exciting as I thought he'd be. David looks like he'all be that guy you could never expect to do much but does everything.
  12. MarcusIrving

    Survivor Season 33: MEGATHREAD

    Late but here we go. Challenge Beast: Ken - I think he might end up being one of the only reasons Gen X ever wins a challenge. Strategist: Mari - I would imagine her professional video game skills should translate to her being a lot more strategic than physical. The Black Widow: Figgy - It looked like she was surrounding herself with dudes that are bigger threats, taking a Nicole from Big Brother strategy, and she just won last night. The Cutthroat: Hannah - Total guess. The Old Schooler: Zeke - I'm probably farthest off here but I like him and this was my last spot. Plus the way he handled building the shelter and making fire back me up. Under The Radar: Adam - I watched the whole episode last night and didn't recognize this guy from his picture today, that's my only reasoning. Wildcard: David - He seems insanely neurotic. He could do anything anytime. Bench Player: Taylor Final 3: Will, Mari, Figgy - I bet the Millenials generally stay teamed up when the merge happens and slowly pick off Gen X completely. Winner: Mari
  13. The one plus to me not being able to sleep is being able to see who's on the episode I'll hear in the morn.
  14. MarcusIrving

    Episode 84 - Kevin Pollak

    Damn you, Hardwick.
  15. MarcusIrving

    Episode 434 - Doubt About That

    He's great on Poundcast. I love when he's on stuff with Moshe Kasher. They are really funny together on Poundcast, Houndtall, and Indoor Kids.