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  1. Hey Jesse, was this a good question for Paul Rust?
  2. This is the third post. Not as good as second.
  3. Hey Paul, What's your favorite natural disaster?
  4. I think Jai Paul just forgot he was a musician or something. I can't wait until he remembers because his album will definitely be on my Lexus Hoverboard playlist. Probably gonna have a bunch of "Feel The Bern" stickers on my board too. Fuckin' sick.
  5. I have some sad news for everyone. I am no longer a certified Bingβ„’ Boy. Some asshole named "Blog" took my place. #FuckBlog #ScrewBlog EDIT: Just realized that "#FuckBlog" might be a sex thing but screw that guy! New hashtag everybody!
  6. Didn't know this arrow thing existed. Thanks.
  7. Hey Scharpling, is that a world tour our your girls tour?
  8. Drake & Meek Mill
  9. I only show up on Bing!? What did I do to deserve this?
  10. Mmm yes and isn't thaaat annoying?
  11. Anyone watch Mr. Robot? It's pretty good. It's on the Queue S.A. Network. Sorry everyone, I tried.
  12. Wanna feel old? People were born after 9/11. It's in their history books or some shit.