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  1. what are you on about dude, you're mad at him for adding a second show? do you even know how entitled you sound? you're either a troll or have a remarkable lack of self-awareness
  2. A Bear

    I'm a brand new here at HH forums.

    hey bud, the request for popcorn questions, if they are asked that week, are posted in the most recent episode thread. check it periodically. c u l8r crocog8r
  3. what a nice letter for diary pillows to read when scrolling through the thread
  4. im sorry if I'm taking your bit too seriously, but just in case... this is a subject i take very seriously and i am absolutely not making light of a very real problem. i was making an absurd riff on a news story about a bear
  5. so fucked up. leo and i are in love
  6. this ep was crazy good. july gabe and agata were so endearing and hilarious but anyone who listens to their podcast knows that is obvious (and boy, what a great theme song they have)
  7. im on this new diet where i can only eat wood. youre a very bad person for posting the pic of food
  8. the double 69. like seeing a unicorn. cryinng
  9. hi guys it's me a bear, letting you know you can also find brother lovers on iTunes. anyways how r u? "it has been a while" and isn't that a fun thing to say, do u guys remember staind glass. well the wife is giving me the wrap-up signal so anyways. bye
  10. Hi Jeff, big fan My wife and I had a huge argument during dinner last night over which character of yours is best. She says Gay Cop Peter is her favorite, but I think Dong the Chinaman On Acid is clearly superior. How do we move past this irreparable rift in our marriage?
  11. hey Jeff, have you seen the movie "Due Date"? what did you think of it
  12. well earwolf i hope ur happy. greggy is dead
  13. oh no oh no, earwolf please delete this episode before greggy sees it
  14. Pete, are you actually upset or are you joking? Surely you must know that honlads means no harm, this is a silly place
  15. Honalds, next time you want to make a joke that cruel, take a step back and think about the feelings you'll be hurting. There's a human being on the other end.
  16. hi guys I would like to plug greggy's podcast for no good reason
  17. 69 is my age. hope you whipper snappers are having a great day Edit: have been reading this great book about humility, this post was meant to drive down my like ratio before my wax wings burned off like in icarian legend. thank you for helping me out on this folks
  18. oh cool, happy birthday vulgar and crude
  19. pft said a mean thing about brother lover
  20. Hey allan, What is the coolest car
  21. Thank you Steven. You're a very nice boy.
  22. there are few opportunities in life to watch a true master at work. we are blessed to have witnessed this.