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  1. great, now i'm gonna have james taylor songs in my head for days!
  2. maaarshall

    Episode 253 - Happy Rain

    great show!
  3. yessssssss! i was wishing for a wild horses episode recently when i drove through galax, virginia! my wish was granted.
  4. woah excellent line-up!
  5. i made an earwolf account because i am a fan of a few earwolf shows. so far i have only used it to complain about the lack of women on i4h. "the bottom of it" is what i said at the top - invite more women guests.
  6. clip shows don't count that's neither here nor there. look, i love matt besser and i love improv4humans, but all-dude episodes are just lacking.
  7. i'm merely suggesting that an increase in female guests would be a welcome change to the show. it's been a month since there was a woman on the show.
  8. woah there cowboy don't get your boxer-briefs in a bunch i never used the m-word
  9. another sausage party way to promote women in comedy
  10. maaarshall

    EPISODE 183 — Tatertown

    one extra person and it's another dude. c'mon, guys, promote female comedians & end the "women aren't funny" stigma - win-win! love angry matt tho.
  11. maaarshall

    EPISODE 174 — Whiplash Ft. Armen

    more ladies pls too many dudes