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  1. Dear Scott, Scott, Engineer Cody to be named, and fellow Utalkers: I recently found myself watching the Nicolas Cage-headlining evangelical rapture drama "Left Behind." Never mind the combination of alcohol, insomnia and general masochism that led me to begin watching the film on Netflix one night. It's a plot point early on that pilot Nicolas Cage is planning to cheat on his wife with a hot flight attendant by getting her tickets to a rock concert. The band? Why, 'tis none other than those lovable lads from Liverpool themselves: Hugh-2. The band doesn't appear in the film, nor does it appear that they consented to be mentioned at all. At any rate, the rapture happens before the concert and Bonobos, Thedge, and Larry Mullen Sr.'s son were no doubt whisked away to busk in the cloud kingdom (I was never sure about that Adam Clay2000lbs). My question is: what does U2 represent to the evangelical Christian filmmakers and the intended conservative Christian audience? Is the Irish band's association with Cage's intended debauchery meant to represent a castigation of the Catholic Church for losing its way? Or is the band simply meant to represent (high quality) rock 'n' roll excess as a sign of sinfulness? Or is it just the first cool band the writers thought of? I'll hang up and listen.