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  1. halapeno11

    Episode 431 - Ghost Pets Are Liars

    I honestly thought it was always a bit.. Haha but maybe not, I'll have to go back and listen to iBrain it was pretty fucked up (but hilarious) from memory. Maybe Scott really had no idea Brett was going to read it so it was a half serious ban. I think he's banned him 2 or 3 times now..
  2. halapeno11

    Episode 431 - Ghost Pets Are Liars

    I was very literally weeping (with laughter) whilst walking in public.
  3. halapeno11


    Valyrian Steel - The only thing that can kill Whitewalkers and black runners. This is Pistol Shrimps radio.
  4. halapeno11

    Episode 285 - Don't Mix Alcohol and Wine

    Winced at Ryan Gaul not liking the chart theme. I was briefly concerned, but it all worked out okay.
  5. halapeno11

    EPISODE 217 — Goodbye

    And thank you all so much for all the laughs & joy.
  6. halapeno11

    EPISODE 217 — Goodbye

    Sad sad times, have listened and relistened many times & feel like I know all of you like pals. That being said I'd follow Kyle and David on new podcasting ventures so just so you guys know, at least one listener right here.
  7. halapeno11

    Episode 203 — Trauma

    Great episode! Adorable Tig wig just wants to keep bees & watch birds. Only complaint - There was a lot of swearing for a Christian podcast. (Kyle + Whitney 4 eva)