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  1. So I know that way back when, a bunch (most) of the BTW with Jeff Garlin episodes were taken off Earwolf. The explanation as I recall was that Jeff didn't want his content available for free indefinitely. This happened before Stitcher (or even Howl) was a thing. Now that there's a platform in place to directly monetize this stuff can you guys please drop a line to Jeff about reinstating those lost episodes? There was some really really good stuff in those interviews - the Tig Notaro one, in particular, was really hilarious and special - and it seems wrong and bad and dumb for them to just be lost forever. Please and thank you!
  2. onesmalldrop

    We will miss you Harris

    I'd just like to add my voice to the chorus of those who have never felt so torn up over the death of someone I'd never met. It's difficult to explain what it was that I seem to have absorbed through all these podcasts that made Harris feel like a friend and not just an entertainer, but I think part of it may have been that in all of his hilarious appearances, there was never an ounce of pretension or artifice. You never felt like Harris was performing, rather, he just was. I have no doubt that if I'd ever bumped into him on the street or whatever, he'd be exactly the same guy we knew from listening. And so, in that sense, we really did know him. Harris, thank you. Your humor and genuineness made my life better and brighter. This might be ridiculous, but the first time I listened to F&P1 ranks up there with, say, watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail when I was a little kid in terms of how hard I laughed and how much it warped my perspective of what could be funny. You breaking down into giggles after saying "It's called Carl's Jr's Hamburgers" makes me feel pure, unadulterated joy, even now, and that was just one example among dozens of how you infected me with your sensibility. I never knew you, Harris, and I miss you so fucking much. May the afterlife be one neverending "Tube" jam.