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  1. jonasface

    EPISODE 153 — Farewell...For Now

    Goodbye for now gang! I can't express to you how much your show has filled my work week with fits of joy. I understand that everyone involved is super busy and its cool. I will admit that hearing Brian announce the show was ending/ taking a break made the human ranger, psionic cat, and half-giant from the sands of Tyr whom live inside of me, blubber like wounded Tusken raiders. (I will miss that impression Dan SO Much) Thank you so fucking MUCH!!! Thanks for the good times, the dick tracing, and scaring the shit out of my cubicle neighbors with sudden gasps and raucous laughter. I sincerely hope this break doesn't last forever. Even if it does, thanks for everything!!!
  2. jonasface

    EPISODE 148 — Pleasured by Fairies

    "none of them received a hero's welcome" -Steve Agee (Paul Hardcastle)
  3. jonasface

    Character Drawings

    Man... just makes you feel terrible for the guy. No matter how awesome he looks.
  4. jonasface

    EPISODE 143 — F#$%ing Bird Cops

    Aww Brian at the end of the episode... had me bummed. I have enjoyed this podcast from the first episode. I've spent the last several months catching up to where we are now, and have really relished all the time spent listening at work. I haven't had the opportunity to play much D&D over the last many years but this Podcast really brings me back to all the joy and nonsense of my groups old campaigns. Sure Sark and Blaine's DM-ing styles are totally different but I don't really understand all the bitching. I'm still having fun. I still look forward to new episodes every Wed. (though it was hard getting used to only being able to listen once week as opposed to listening to as many episodes as I could cram into an 8 hour work day). Leave it to nerds to complain about a Free podcast featuring a bunch of hilarious dudes whom we'd likely never get the opportunity to hear speak candidly about soo many different topics or hear all the bits and riffs IRL. Also, we get it all with the backdrop of an ongoing D&D game! For Christ's Sake! They don't owe us shit!!! I say keep doing your thing Nerd Poker! Love you guys! P.S. I remember Brian.... I remember
  5. jonasface

    Character Drawings

    Prohayps he'll repost it. * Crosses fingers*. This forums had a bit of a dry spell.
  6. jonasface

    Character Drawings

    I see nothiiiinnggg... Am I the only one?
  7. jonasface

    Character Drawings

    Can someone please draw the scene where Nausica sprays acid on Dag's face to "help" with the spiders?
  8. jonasface

    Character Drawings

    Niiice... those are badass Geebee.