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    We will miss you Harris

    Why do I care so much about a comedy writer. I have battled with the past few days with such weirdness and intense feelings. Mostly I have been sad. Harris Wittels was an LA based comedy writer mostly for television shows such as Parks and Rec and Eastbound and Down. Last week he passed away and the from the moment I read about it on my Facebook feed, my mouth has been agape. I have been in shock with sadness but I never met him. This makes me feel completely out of my comfort zone and ridiculous. I am massage therapist by trade and while treating clients today, I have done nothing but think of Harris. I have been thinking of his hilarious appearances on Comedy Bang Bang, Analyze Phish and his unbelievably honest episode of You Made it weird. I have lost grandparents in the recent years and can't think of any recent, long, meaningful conversations I have had with them. Yet, I can tell you more about the last year of Harris' life more than any relative I can think of. I believe this is why we are upset, sad and feel so lost. I feel like the podcast world: specifically Earwolf, Nerdist and MaxFun communities are so close and such a small group that we all feel connected. We feel like we lost a cousin, a brother or a friend. None of friends, family or my partner listen to the shows that I do so I feel alone in this odd sense of mourning that I felt the need to share. I am sorry to everyone that knew him and all his fans that didn't. RIP Harris. We all loved you! Xo