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    Episode 394 - Wisconsin Sugar Babies

    I thought that Tim Baltz was fantastic on this episode, I really hope that he becomes a regular.
  2. MichaelJacobs

    Episode 395 - Yupparently

    I got through the first 15 minutes before I started having a seizure and had to turn it off. Whitney, god bless her, is not for me. At least I got to hear Scott demanding that the pill be given to him, that was delightful.
  3. MichaelJacobs

    We will miss you Harris

    It's taken me a little while to process this, so here goes. There is something very unique about comedy podcasts. I don't think that there has ever been a more honest and real/unprocessed form of art. The listener gets to know the people really well, they have inside jokes with them, and they share those inside jokes with other friends who are listeners. And you experience a relationship with the people anywhere you are at, on a train, walking home from work at night, moving from one city to another, those people are with you and bring you joy and help to carry you through. What people talk about less is that comedy podcasts see a lot of people through some very dark times in their lives. We don't talk about it that much because it can make people feel awkward and uncomfortable, but the reality is that a lot of people experience a lot of dread and misery in their lives. I certainly have. When the darkness and heaviness envelopes me, and I want nothing more than to stop living, the first thing that I go for is Analyze Phish or Comedy Bang Bang. It has really helped me, when I really needed help. It's hard to convey how much that means. Harris Wittels meant something real to me. He meant something real to a lot of people. I feel like I lost a really good friend, one who was there when I really needed saving from the darkness. I know that a lot of other people feel the same way about him. What a fucking legacy. He was fucking great. RIP Harris. I wish that you didn't love chemicals so much that we might as well call you Walter White. Thanks for being our tour guide through the cosmos(sorry).