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  1. ChanceOfPants

    Automatic for the People

    When my favorite band (alongside The Smiths) exploded with Losing My Religion I got so sick of the whole band I couldn't listen to them for quite some time (I had a similar experience with Nirvana's Nevermind). Then this album came out and I freaking loved it. Automatic and Murmur are both on my top ten albums of all time, and Find The River is one of the most underrated songs in history IMO. I've lost interest in the band a couple of years here and there, but I always return. Thanks to this podcast I return once again, and you've made me listen closer to tracks I previously never really focused on. The sequencing discussions are great by the way! I think Around The Sun was a bit overlooked, so really looking forward to that episode. Just saw Staind Glass 2 was released today and a big smile came over my face. Instead of taking the subway home after work I'll walk the streets of Oslo listening to Todd Glass complete lack of knowledge about R.E.M. (I suspect). I know I'll have a smirk on my face. CBB, U talkin' U2 and now this is such a great listen when life is at it's shittiest. You've helped me laugh during some really dark times, and for that I thank you.
  2. ChanceOfPants

    EPISODE 336 — NOT Farts and Procreation 4

    I got to know Harris through CBB as so many others, and I soon found myself downloading any podcast he was a guest on. He was so damn funny and likeable, and just sounded like someone you'd like to hang out with. I will eventually get the huevos to listen to the episode... I usually listen on the subway or at work, but I don't take the chance with this one. I can't even read too many posts in this forum without getting emotional, so it will have to wait until I can be alone in the dark for a couple of hours. Listening to CBB has helped me through some dark times (and still do), so when one of my favorite people in the Earwolf family passes away, I take it really personal. As an example I've listened to some of the Analyze Phish episodes several times, and I REALLY don't like that band! Harris and Scott made it awesome, the music not so much... Thanks to Scott and Earwolf for this & for the incredible content you release week after week! Amazing!!!!!!!! Thanks you for all the laughs and RIP Harris! I never met you, but I will really miss you... I feel so bad I haven't bought your book yet...