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    EPISODE 365 — Bongo vs. Bongos

    I would marry Matt Gourley so hard.
  2. WildAtHeart

    EPISODE 365 — Bongo vs. Bongos

    Ah shit.... you got me Also I feel like Dan Akroyd looks like PFT in this pic. It's disturbing.
  3. WildAtHeart

    EPISODE 365 — Bongo vs. Bongos

    Hey Scott, I'm from France, I've listened to every single episode and if I saw you on the street I'd annoy you soooo much with this kinda of stuff. Bonus I'm a woman so I'm 2 for 2. If any of the earwolf podcasts ever came to do a live show in France I would spend so much money. I only get to hear the amazing stuff going on at Largo and it's depressing how far I am.
  4. WildAtHeart

    EPISODE 336 — NOT Farts and Procreation 4

    Hey guys, first time, long time. Reading everyone's comments, here and on reddit and the a.v.club these last fews days has been really therapeutic and I thought I should contribute and add to all the love. Like almost everyone else here, I didn't know Harris in real life. But through this podcast and many others he became the funniest motherfucker I've ever heard. I'm from Paris and I live there. I've been to the US before, the East coast a lot, but only one day in L.A and I didn't get to see any stand up. I live thousands of miles away from any of my favorite CBB perfomers, I've never seen any of them perform live, and maybe I'll never meet any of them, ever. And yet I cried like a little bitch when I saw his name appear on friday morning at work on my reddit frontpage. And ever since then, a couple times more when I thought about it again, reading condolences online and forums like this one. When I read Sarah Silverman and Kulap's tweet, Aziz's letter, and thinking about how Scott must be feeling. I spent the weekend like most of you, re-listening to every Harris appearance on CBB, along with the very difficult YMIW and Maron episodes, and laughing my ass off. Yesterday I waited until I was home, and alone to listen to the new ep, thank god... Scott's voice completely broke me in the first few seconds. But I thought his intro was amazing. I can't imagine having to do this, especially when he started mentioning the last times he saw Harris which were a few days before, and the date of the recording, just terrible new information. But he powered through and gave us a beautiful tribute to his friend and I felt like such a big weight lifting from me after that was over. So thank you Scott from the bottom of my heart, I think we all needed you to talk to us, even though it's unfair to ask you to do this, like you mentionned you were sad and didn't even want to continue, but we were all lost and sad but also I think very sad for you. And we needed to hear in your voice that it would be okay somehow if we all laugh together. And then the episode started and I immediately started laughing very hard. Damn there was so much funny shit in that episode! I thought the ep was fantastic all the way through, so much joy and laughter in that room, so much weirdness and love it was perfect. And the outro, which should have made me cry, made me laugh some more and feel happy. I will miss Harris terribly but he will always be in my ears when I need it, telling stupid wonderful jokes, rapping in a british accent, doing the Bisco Boys with his bandmates, giving amazing answers to Riddle Me This, and forcing Scott to listen to Phish for hours. What you've given us with these podcasts is incredible, and to see how much people here share my opinion and how many people it's helped during dark times, and made look like idiots in public transportation for bursting out laughing for no apparent reason is fantastic. I'm so grateful for Earwolf and everything you guys put out and I hope you never stop growing, and never stop opening our eyes to amazing talent like Harris'. Without you guys I would've missed out on a wonderful human being. I have spent hundreds of hours with you guys, and you are like family. Thank you so much Scott for deciding to release this episode, and thank you everyone involved for making it better than anything I could've hoped for. Marie from Paris