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  1. Since the ladies were talking about wanting more fan art, here's one I found on Tumblr (http://guicemann.tumblr.com/):
  2. Dabney2016

    EPISODE 380 β€” A Colinary Journey

    I loved this episode until we met Huskey's character. I'm not the PC police or anything, but can we NOT with the Mickey Rooney-style Asian impersonations? It's really not funny. I love BH, but that character just didn't do it for me.
  3. Dabney2016

    EPISODE 105 β€” Brewster's Millions

    Is it canon that Beverly has a huge crush on Paget?
  4. We need a Gino Lambardo/Lil Nicky episode, STAT.
  5. I don't have a problem with Sean or Hayes, I just find this type of satirical humor problematic in the big picture. I think this article sums it up pretty well. http://thoughtcatalo...youre-a-racist/ Honestly IDK why this struck a nerve with me. I do think it's important to examine humor that involves racial stereotypes, including satire. So my issue is probably with Adam Sandler, not the HH crew.
  6. I'm just going to say it, Sean's 1/18th Native American bit is pretty racist and I was super put off by the whole Adam Sandler movie set discussion.
  7. A theater teacher starving his female students? Sounds like this guy might know a certain theatrical director. The Womplerverse is even more expansive than I realized.
  8. Dabney2016

    Episode 98 β€” I Don't Want To Meetaphobia

    I would love to see The View with these four ladies.
  9. Hayes Sean Hayes Sean.
  10. I'm sure this has been asked before, but who is y'alls ideal HH guest?
  11. Dabney2016

    EPISODE 344 β€” Classic Switcheroo

    I would like to see Jarles on an episode with Winsome. Anyone else, or am I alone on this?
  12. YOU GUYS, YOU GUYS. <---IS THIS SEAN???? ("that's some tasty gold!")
  13. ^^I wrote this but they pretty much changed the script beyond recognish.
  14. Yes m'aam. I still love it but found that I'm better at writing. Improv would be my life if I could afford it--got rejected from da UCB Diversity Program but my white improv classmate got in, shout out to them for hooking her up with ONE free class!!!!
  15. are we posting pictures of us in plays? I'm the social outcast here but I'll share. this is me getting smooched while wearing a bathrobe in the last play I ever acted in, R.I.P. my acting career.