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  1. Henry,

    Hey hi Henry. Hey, I was thinking this Martha is from that show you were telling me about where that guy wants to be a soap opera clown but he can only get a job doing being a clown for horseys birthday parties? Which I really didn't think was a sustainable premise for a show, but man, once you see how many people show up to a horses birthday you can really see it has legs. Not horse legs, but like metaphorical legs. But also horse legs.


    Soup in the Afternoon - 107.5 KMOJ FM - The Pure Funk


    UPDATE: Henry it is. It is that Martha. Martha who is on the show. This show and the other one. Hollywood Handbook and the one about Horse Clowns.

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  2. 8 hours ago, Henry said:

    Even though Tim has already obviously appeared on Earwolf before I still consider him to be a guest on the "get down and suck on these" level. How exciting!

    henry I think this is that same tim guy you really like. i'm going to internet look him up so I know for sure. check back later.

    love, susan oopermin

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  3. I've spent the past months listening to nothing but Franz Liszt and podcasts about crime. I gotta say, none of it was funny. It was kind of a fun experiment, but I think I'm done. I now have almost 20 episodes of HH to catch up on, and I can't wait to join these boys on their adventures that I missed out on! Also, as you can see I pulled a Prince and only prefer to be referred to as an unpronounceable symbol. (I do not respond to "ellipsis") And sure, I also now own that weird yellow jumpsuit without the butt, but those are the only similarities.

    you remind me of this guy from washington i once got too high by accident.


    he's a real weirdo too, i think you'd like him.

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