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  1. souprman

    Episode 376 - Our Farewell to Earwolf Episode

    You beat me to it! haha! see ya!
  2. I just reread this whole thread and it was very nice and nostalgic and it only took me 5 hours.
  3. souprman

    Episode 458 - There's Always A New Woah

    it's five fucking dollars people, get over it.
  4. souprman

    Episode 300 - Moshe Kasher, Our Comic-Con Friend

    You spell "The Boize" weird.
  5. I'm still a little miffed at this Sharpling guy for saying he was glad my home planet was destroyed. My home planet is Earth man, what are you even saying?? I should get over it in a couple more years. Special shout out to robotam for his kind moderations.
  6. Great 666th post pal!
  7. show me a word that rhymes with pavement and i won't kill your parents and roast them on a spit
  8. I think you mean Dan O'Bannon co-screenwriter of Lifeforce.
  9. souprman

    Episode 599 - 10th Anniversary

    I listened to all ten hours already. Sure, I was asleep for seven of them, but I left my ears on so I was listening.
  10. souprman

    Episode 287 - Andy Daly, Our Cookbook Friend

    Hi, sorry I missed my cue Charlie.
  11. souprman

    Episode 285 - Martha Kelly, Our Close Friend

    that's all I got.
  12. souprman

    Episode 285 - Martha Kelly, Our Close Friend

    I'm starting to think the Scoop Troop was just a bit.
  13. souprman

    Episode 285 - Martha Kelly, Our Close Friend

    Henry, Hey hi Henry. Hey, I was thinking this Martha is from that show you were telling me about where that guy wants to be a soap opera clown but he can only get a job doing being a clown for horseys birthday parties? Which I really didn't think was a sustainable premise for a show, but man, once you see how many people show up to a horses birthday you can really see it has legs. Not horse legs, but like metaphorical legs. But also horse legs. Love, Soup in the Afternoon - 107.5 KMOJ FM - The Pure Funk UPDATE: Henry it is. It is that Martha. Martha who is on the show. This show and the other one. Hollywood Handbook and the one about Horse Clowns.
  14. souprman

    Episode 284 - Tim Heidecker, Our Close Friend

    henry, it is that guy, that tim guy you like? same guy. tim hendeckhiminerman.