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  1. thanks tim, best of luck to you and yours
  2. hey thejjar here keeping my streak of episode posts alive. 2 more eps until 300. im proud of these boys no matter what anyone else says
  3. posting in case sean and hayes do something special for ep 300 and it doesnt seem like your valiant hero just came back last second to reap the rewards
  4. Very cool having a private hangout with 3 of my best friends. Thanks for the memories guys!
  5. thejjar

    Episode 217 - Listeners, Our Close Friends 4

    British Andrew, if I know one thing it's you should own your nicknames, it takes all the power away from them. Yours,Unfunny Mike
  6. thejjar

    Episode 217 - Listeners, Our Close Friends 4

    Hi Sean. Hi Hayes. It's me thejjar. I tried to call in to talk to you boys but I only ended up hearing the very last call of the show. Some people have tried to convince me this was a fakeout and you ended the show just so I would hang up the phone. I know this to be a lie. I know you guys have gotten big time recently and I know we don't really post on the forums as much as we used to.... Having said that its unbelievably fucked up that you didnt only post the number here. If you don't think we still have a homing signal on this damn forum to know when we can implant ourselves into Hollywood Handbook lore than you guys are honestly a couple of blockheads. Anyway still love you. BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  7. Listen up everyone. You can all choose to believe this is the end and stop listening. Frankly I dont give a F what you do! But I just wanna make crystal clear right now. I WILL continue to listen next week and EVERY week. LONG LIVE HOLLYWOOD HANDBOOK! LONG LIVE SEAN AND HAYES!
  8. Lauren, Is Nick from the Handmaids Tale bad acting a purposeful choice like in Master of None or did they just really flub this one?
  9. Mary, Lauren, Paul and Nick Is being from Long Island and charming a good excuse for saying things that if said by anyone else would be a huge problem and bordering on a level of insensitivity that the nation frankly doesn't need right now?
  10. Hey Guys, Isn't doctor who nuts?
  11. thejjar

    Episode 185 - Zeke Nicholson, Our Close Friend

    New shirt request pls
  12. Liz, quite frankly, yes I am going to the mall later and the reason I didn't invite you is because of what happened last time. Clearly one of us values trying out the massage chairs MORE than being their for their best friend when they get their rook pierced. Whatever dog it is what it is