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    EPISODE 255 — An All New Era

    The things that really hooked me into this podcast were Howard's hilarious tangents and theories and, maybe more importantly, the subjugation of each guest to the array of (usually) terrible pop songs on the charts and hearing their thoughts on the movies that are at the top of the box-office. The interactions between Howard and the guest, in relation to these things made for the bulk of my enjoyment from listening to the cast. I really hope they might retool to get back to that basic and brilliant aspect of the show. I understand that the host's schedules have changed and they're doing the best that they can under seemingly quickly changing circumstances. I don't really understand why the show can't just stay Who Charted as it was, and maybe just have monthly Two Charted's to check in with what is going on with the hosts. Again, appreciate the podcast, and I hope the kinks get worked out.
  2. gjones999


    First of all, thank you for all of the years of entertainment and laughter your shows have given me. The podcasts that Earwolf and recently, Wolfpop have been top-notch and am very appreciative of the work that goes on to make them. That said, I've got some concerns/suggestions that I think might be beneficial. I was first suggested CBB in early 2012 or so and the most recent ones, at that point, didn't really grab me or left me sort of confused about what it was that I was listening to. I was convinced to try to give some earlier episodes a shot with some guests that I knew beforehand and quickly understood what the show was and became a fast fan. I really fear that closing off the archive will not make this happen for future potential listeners as I'm doubtful that I'd continue to listen if I didn't have the opportunity delve into episodes of years past. Once I got into CBB I eventually got hooked on other Earwolf podcasts. I've spent countless hours really enjoying UTU2TM?, Analyze Phish, HDTGM, Who Charted, etc... and am very grateful for all the effort that went into them. However, before getting into all of these great Earwolf p-casts, I started out listening to Judge John Hodgman, Stop Podcasting Yourself, My Brother My Brother and Me, etc... on the MaxFun network and continue to do so. Several years ago during one of their "MaxFun Drives" I realized I really ought to give these people some money for the quality content they produce and was happy to do so, especially with the offer of bonus content (and keeping all of their old episodes free, allowing for easy introductions of episodes to recommend to friends). I was really hoping Earwolf would follow a similar path, as I'd be happy to contribute in that model. If I can no longer send a friend a link to an old episode of CBB that I think they'd find most accessible then I'm not sure this is a great way to gain a wider audience. I hope you guys might re-think/challenge some of these new actions as I'm not sure they'll pan out all that well in the long run. Again, thank you for Oliver Subpodcasts.
  3. gjones999

    EPISODE 231.5 — 5/08/15 TWO CHARTED 170

    Who cares where he came from? This guy, whether you like him or not, just lost his best friend in a real horrible way. How can you not just chill out and have some basic sympathy for a fellow human? This was a great episode and I'm glad to hear these guys commiserate and talk about Harris, whom I only know through podcasts and Parks and Recreation, but still took his death pretty hard for whatever reasons. Thank you Kulap and Armen!
  4. gjones999

    EPISODE 336 — NOT Farts and Procreation 4

    Just wanted to say thanks to Harris for all of the laughs over the years and I'm very sorry for this loss to all of the people that knew him in reality as well as those who knew him from all of these podcasts. His untimely death hit me harder than any other person I've never met that I can remember. I've spent the past 5 days re-listening to his appearances on CBB, Analyze Phish, U2, and Who Charted and it has been a weird, funny and sad experience, but primarily very funny. Since that Hollywood Bowl AP podcast was released, it's been commonplace for my girlfriend and I to respond to "it's good" with an "it's funky." Such a dumb line and not even meant as a joke, but it's brought us many laughs and continues to do so. We also watched the last episode of Parks and Rec tonight and enjoyed it very much and the impact of Harris on that show and the end of the show coupled with his passing hit us really hard when it was over. Thank you Scott and to everyone at Earwolf for releasing this very unexpected episode on Monday, it was the last thing I was expecting and am really glad we got one last time to hear from Harris on the show. Thanks guys, I love all of your sub-podcasts.