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  1. Does the best British person shitting on a movie they were in award go to Christopher Lee or Michael Caine?


    You know what, I'm just going to plough right on and post things even though I'm still on page one and I'm going to look even more stupid. Christopher Lee did several Hammer horror films with his best friend Peter Cushing, another old school screen legend. Some of the Hammer films were terrific (Lee's first outing as. Dracula especially) but there was some dross. In one they were doing a version of the Mummy, and Lee said "This is terrible, I'm just done up in bandages, I don't get to say anything." You're the lucky one," said Cushing," Have you seen the script?"

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  2. Loving all the Christopher Lee appreciation. In addition to all his Nazi killing, let's not forget that homeboy also put out a couple of death metal albums in his 80s and 90s. Man was a straight up legend.


    I can't believe no one mentioned that Ben is played by Reb Brown, also known as Slab Bulkhead, Big McLargeHuge, et al. from MST3K's classic "Space Mutiny" episode. He even does all the unnecessary screaming while firing his gun.


    Fuck's sake, I'm so sorry

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  3. I totally Juned this movie in the sense that I did not watch it at all. BUT I really want to talk about Christopher Lee.


    We know him as Dracula and the original Wicker Man, but Christopher Lee volunteered for special service during World War II. He did a lot of stuff, including working for the SOE the so called "Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warefare" (Description from book on them: "Fighting a secret war behind enemy lines and using the guerrilla tactics of sabotage, ambush, murder and subversion, agents killed when necessary and took prisoners when possible, in the belief that their methods would hasten the end of the war.")


    Anyway, my favorite move set anecdote EVER came from Peter Jackson. Video can be found HERE, basically Peter Jackson is telling Christopher Lee how to act when Wormtongue stabs him. And Lee asked him if he knew what sound a man makes when he's stabbed in the back? And Lee said, "Because I do."


    At which point I imagine everyone on set just slowly backing away.


    TL;DR Christopher Lee stabbed Nazis in the back.


    God damn it, I only had to read two more posts! Sorry

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  4. EDIT: Paul mentions the thing I added. So, here's the highlight of the movie: Christopher Lee in fitting in at a punk rock club.



    Sorry if already mentioned, but the incomparable Christopher Lee is credited with vocals on at least one European thrash metal album. He also served in special forces in World War 2, including pretty hardcore missions behind enemy lines. In the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Peter Jackson was directing him in a stabbing scene and said "I want you to imagine the sound of a knife cutting into a human body."


    Christopher Lee said "I don't have to."


    "Don't have to what?" asked Jackson.


    "Imagine," Lee replied.

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  5. On the same vein as WTNV - it's not a comedy but I think you'd really enjoy Tanis! It's just the right amount of spooky and really good storytelling. Their other show The Black Tapes just ended and it ended fucking horribly so I'm praying that Tanis doesn't become the same bull shit because I really love it. OH AND OF FUCKING COURSE! Alice Isn't Dead!!!!!!! It's the same people as WTNV and it literally fills me up with joy!


    Others I think you'd like include -

    • Spontaneanation (spelling may be off but it'll probably pop up as you enter in "Spont")
    • Bizarre States
    • 2 Dope Queens
    • The Jackie and Laurie Show
    • I Was There Too
    • The Dork Forest

    I have a bunch more if you're interested but these are primarily what I think you would enjoy based on what you said you already listen to!


    If anyone fancies something British and utterly baffling, I recommend Athletico Mince

  6. Paul made the same mistake as so many Americans: assuming all quality British series are from the BBC.


    Black Mirror and The End of the Fucking World were both commissioned and broadcast by Channel 4, which like the BBC is publicly owned and has a remit for original and challenging programmes as part of its licence, but unlike the BBC is funded through advertising. Father Ted I have seen repeatedly cited as a BBC show. Again, it was Channel 4.


    That would be an ecumenical matter

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  7. I thought Hoeks nailed the

    antagonist role. She was kick ass.

    There was something about the physicality of her performance ... I thought she was brilliant. The control she has over her expressions is incredible.



    Luv reminded me alot of Robert Patrick's T-1000. She was relentless. I really enjoy those kind of characters. Kinda like Statham in Fast 7. And the scene I was referring to involved Robin Wright. She was frightening in that .. I won't say anymore



    De Armas' performance was very good but the Joi character was ... hmmm ...

    There are a few who have criticized the movie as sexist, with most of the complaints about Joi. Maybe some of them have a point (a certain scene has definitely divided opinions) but when you look around at some of the stuff available today ... she might actually be one of the few things to become a reality from this science fiction world. She's basically a more advanced version of Lars' real girl ... But again, De Armas was very good. Actually, looking back, I think the female characters/performances where the best part about this movie



    And i just got a massive sense of deja vu ... that's weird ...




    i hate that


    So, Hoek -

    I thought she was very good. I was disappointed though that the relationship between K and the antagonists lacked depth. The original rogue replicants had a motivation and a lot of sympathy from the audience, while Hoek was unfortunately just a henchperson doing the bidding of her evil employer. What she did, though, she did well



    Joi -

    I am minded to give Villeneuve a pass on this. Joi was built to be nothing more than a submissive, sexually available entity for the satisfaction of a heterosexual male. But the film is depicting this, not endorsing it. The whole universe of Blade Runner takes it as read that artificial beings have their own thoughts and feelings and deserve to be respected as humans should be, but are not, and it is a tragedy that they are cruelly used by humans. They are slaves. And even when they murder humans you have some sympathy doing so because they are slaves striking back at their masters. The thing about Joi is that the tragedy of replicants being built only for a limited purpose and existence exploited by others is magnified for her, as she is given even less scope to exist and act independently of that because of the way she is constructed. But even so, her relationship with K is with someone also limited in how he can live and love, but between them they make it more than that and she chooses to be more than that. The main reason she doesn't get the chance to develop any further than that - reprogrammed so that her AI enables her to be a completely independent thinking entity whatever her feelings for K? - is because she is killed by the villains. And her death is treated as respectfully by the filmmakers as the death of a human. This doubles down on the Deckard-Rachael relationship of the first film, which imho only makes sense if he is also a replicant. It also plays back the way in which society bombards us today with that version of female sexuality and confines women to that existence. Yet of course it is acknowledged that this is a gross reduction of a woman's existence. For me the film is giving that message loud and clear (in Blade Runner terms anyway, as much is not explicitly spelled out) in the way K and Joi relate to each other and the way later he sees the way the generic marketing version of Joi is projected over the city and he finds it unbearably sad. In a sense the other female characters are worse served than Joi because they serve the plot more often than their own character development. That's my main criticism, because the other female characters like Luv, the police chief, the leader of the rebellion don't have as much of an arc as Joi does


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  8. In the world of this film Vanity is an extremely desirable woman who is looking for a relationship, but there are no available men. Even when she essentially makes herself available to the entire city by offering a date with her as a competition prize, the only people in the whole of NYC showing an interest are Leroy's little brother and other twelve-year-olds. She instantly goes for Leroy and makes huge efforts to get with him, even though he dresses and acts like the village idiot, because he's literally the only available male over the age of consent. Her frustration when she throws herself at Leroy and he runs away suggests she hasn't had sex in a very long time. I'm surprised she didn't give one of the kidnappers her phone number.


    I also have a theory that this film is a bizarre extension of the Sucker Punch universe where each of the characters is undergoing a shared delusion in Berry Gordy's nightclub. Eddie Arkadian and his crew seem to think they are characters in a 30s gangster movie and just adapt their psychosis to the whole music scene environment they find themselves in, Leroy thinks he's a character in a Bruce Lee film, Sho'nuff thinks he's in a gang film, and Leroy's brother is a child who thinks he's an adult (and a pimp). Berry Gordy is some sort of all-powerful, unseen psychiatric puppet master applying shock treatment to various disturbed people.

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  9. I can't fault Y.K. Kim for inserting this film trope into his masterpiece, but can we demand that Hollywood no longer have cops or henchman test a bag of cocaine in the dead center with a knife?




    I get what they are trying to communicate; they need to test if the product is pure... but does the buyer not have any concern that this bag will leak in transit? Just think of all that wasted nose candy!


    In the end, I would totally respect the tester to simply cut the corner of the bag and then break out one of those potato chip clips to seal it up. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezey


    This could have been a great product placement opportunity for Tupperware. They could have cleaned up with the obviously untapped cocaine smuggling market with their handy resealable containers designed to keep the contents safe and fresh.

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