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  1. Cleo_Taurus

    EPISODE 150 — Deep Dish Fish Tacos

    Great job in DeKalb Brian and Dan. See you next time
  2. Cleo_Taurus

    EPISODE 134 — Prop Meat

  3. Cleo_Taurus

    EPISODE 130 — Rubbing Plants On Ourselves

    ok so I'm not crazy, threw me for a loop this morning.
  4. Cleo_Taurus

    EPISODE 128 — Spiderhana

    Looks like its an issue with the website, the episode came up on Podcast Addict!
  5. Cleo_Taurus

    EPISODE 123 — Saving Steve Martin

    Brian "so how often are we seeing mad max the first week it comes out?"...Ken "Every time my balls refill" ha-ha classic, couldn't stop laughing. best line of the week. Ken was on fire today.
  6. Cleo_Taurus

    EPISODE 122 — Haunted Anus

    My Anus was haunted once.. Until my priest exercised that demon. That's when I learned the importance of stretching before exercising.
  7. Cleo_Taurus

    EPISODE 121 — Do It As A Tusken Raider

    All this Vin Diesel talk is making me moist