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    EPISODE 105 — Safe Haven

    I enjoyed this movie as well. A few things I noticed too: The episode touches on this a bit, but after Alex confronts Katie/Erin about the ABP, why does he run to catch her to and tell her he loves her like an hour later? When he confronts her before she tries to leave town she reveals NOTHING about the situation and Alex is left to believe she is a dangerous criminal. He thinks she is a MURDERER and a CON ARTIST that he let into his children's lives! Why would he go back to her, and why doesn't he tell his cop friend about this??? Once Katie does clarify that her husband is dangerous and chasing her, Katie moves in with Alex's family. A few things here. First, how many dates have these two been on, like three? At the most a few weeks have gone by since Katie moved to town. And Alex moves her in with his two small children a few weeks into the relationship? What? Why is the town and his ghost wife okay with this? WAAAY to fast, guys, especially since Julianne Hough looks like she's about 19 years old in this movie. Also, this woman is being HUNTED by her crazy alcoholic cop husband, so how is it a good idea to have her LIVE with your children? Also, again, wouldn't you clue in your cop buddy to the situation? Finally, after Katie shoots Kevin and the fire, there is a scene that appears to be at dawn and shows the paramedics loading Kevin's body bag into the ambulence while in the back ground Josh, Katie and fam survey the damage of the store and go through the rubble. Assuming the fireworks were at say 9pm, Kevin's body has been lying on the ground, or at a minimum sitting in a body bag on a gurney at the scene of the incident out in the open for AT LEAST 8 hours. This seems like VERY poor EMS work.