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  1. AlienDingus

    Episode 248 - Triumph At Comic-Con

    I wish they would dissect this episode at their next live show
  2. AlienDingus

    Episode 217 - Listeners, Our Close Friends 4

    Imagine being Vintint... wooooof.
  3. AlienDingus

    Episode 216 - Meredith Hagner, Our Close Friend

    They really are the Best Pranksters.
  4. AlienDingus

    Episode 3 - Cartoons

    Angry Beavers was a classic. also Rugrats had the best theme song ever.
  5. AlienDingus

    Episode 208 - Lou Wilson, Our Close Friend

    How are they comfortable recording when Detective Bosch is always in the room?
  6. AlienDingus

    Episode 205 - Jessica Chaffin, Our Close Friend

    for a minute there I was worried that they were recording in a big cave
  7. AlienDingus

    Episode 308 - Hard Knocks

    an armen episode could not have come any sooner
  8. can't remember, but it seems eerily important.
  9. This show changed my life. Its my favorite one. I know they will continue to make us buss up laugh so hard crack our whole shit up forever. RIP In closing, if you are every feeling sad just remember these simple words: Hot dog go to bathroom.
  10. AlienDingus

    Episode 499 - The Freak

    knowing kyle... he completely understands what is going on. and its hilarious
  11. AlienDingus

    Episode 263 - Pillow Wizard

    amazing!! thanks for using my question!!!
  12. this a special HH RSS crossover top chef ep? thanks chef sounds like Sean's back into his groove again and I'm happy.
  13. i knew who the guest was early
  14. AlienDingus

    Episode 255 - Plerk of Plersonality

    Yes! i love Gil so much.