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  1. sorry again for so many posts. I understand that one person posting so much drowns out others. I has a catversation with Dan Engler about posting too much. He got real mean in about two replies. Psycho overlords like to build poo poo communities.


    I was looking at wikipedia, and did you know Hayes wrote on "Eastbound and Down". My all time favourite mini movie. No, that does not do it justice. That show would have been a blockbuster movie. I watch it about once a year because everything is like brand new with baby memories. weeeeeeeee.

  2. Our society is so entertainment driven sometimes that I think it forgets the true heroes. A dad sports league type reality show or dad stock market would be an amazing idea. I have been so excited lately thinking about people I know who would probably become a super dad at some point in their life. Scott Aukerman would be a dad of everyone's dreams and so many people have a world of dad talent. I wish it was a major topic of debate instead of the best movies coming out, but alas the wheels of change are not always in lock step with our short time on this shiney blue marble we call home.

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  3. He never looks for praises

    He's never one to boast

    He just goes on quietly working

    For those he loves the most

    His dreams are seldom spoken

    His wants are very few

    And most of the time his worries

    Will go unspoken too

    He's there.... A firm foundation

    Through all our storms of life

    A sturdy hand to hold to

    In times of stress and strife

    A true friend we can turn to

    When times are good or bad

    One of our greatest blessings,

    The man that we call Dad.

    comedy photo>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>



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  4. Hey y'all,

    Was busy short shucking corn all day cause lost a bet with an oil painting of my great great grandma. Her cold, icey visage will follow u around the veranda and guide your family's progress in America.


    Any1 known what show Hayes is currently working on?


    Valerie BryÀñt, got a list of top five FPS games? In the model UN that iz forum I consider you The USA, ie, your silence this week is deafening and unforgettable to us. I call dibs on representative of St. Barts or that one time Chë got to address.


    All assembled please freely dib your nation states.


    Ran Ran, more updates please. Also, your one twiiter critic's arms are tooo short 2 box with Ran Ran. Gjve 'Greggy' ol boys info and kick back.


    Let them eat vegan cupcakes, BoScout


    hahahahaahhaa. that's a good one. everyone should try brain streaming in the hive

  5. I still can't tell if Pauley Shore was getting legitimately impatient when he asked if there was a producer to speed things up or if he was joking. The hobo moment is still amazing.


    I think both the Sinbad and Paul Sheer episodes are worthy recommendations. Van Wilder meets...well I don't wanna say it but Van Helsing!


    an HH IQ test should be mandatory to write in the forums. I have put my Baby Beethoven tapes away and am currently working on my I-Cute score with a little help from hours of HH. Inside jokes are the best since outside ones get lost if not tied to sleeves like mittens. all HH inside jokes and pop culture stories are handy indeed ;)

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  6. Hey guys, I've been away for awhile doing things and stuff. What's been going on?


    NPR has decided to select the top podcasts on the planet. I say Episode 59 with Paul Scheer is exactly what NPR has been craving. The music score is electrifying and Mr. Speilberg would agree with me on the importance of music in setting up scenes. A live orchestra would be very next level though. Music makes the people come together. Music mixes the bourgeosie and the rebel......

  7. I am going to take a minute to talk about how great Sean is. First of all, he was born in 1981 (I believe) which is really the best year to be born. Second, his recent interview on Box Angeles was the easy bake oven to my heart. He really makes me want to try harder and be a more driven person.


    He has shone(sean) his light on many a guest's long shadows, and to this we should all take turns making a toast. The Earwolf Toasting of one of its favourite sons is long overdue. And true story, I have been making toast all week and various sandwiches and I am not lying, but I cannot stand photography or "taking" pictures.

  8. You guys remember Detlef Schremp?




    Parks and Rec. American Psycho is actually really funny. I'm a little late to that one though.


    Haha. the ball don't lie. hooli-hoopers love that one.


    Detlef Shrimp boat captain had the most natural looking mullet. When his back is turned he looked like a fan and he was like a 2-face character from comic books.

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