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  1. SeanM.Corkery

    EPISODE 119 - Maximum Overdrive: LIVE!

    Nope. The first page is the last page when you look via safari on the mobile site. I read back a few but didn't see it.
  2. SeanM.Corkery

    EPISODE 119 - Maximum Overdrive: LIVE!

    I didn't see if anybody else addressed this yet, but you guys made Breaking Bad references in this episode yet neglected to mention Gus Fring was in the film. Giancarlo Esposito was the teenager that gets electrocuted in the arcade!
  3. SeanM.Corkery

    Hell Comes to Frogtown (1988)

    This should be done ASAP as a tribute to the Hot Rod. Also, I need to hear June's thoughts on the humanoid frogs!
  4. SeanM.Corkery

    EPISODE 111 — Hercules in New York: LIVE!

    I thought a great alternate title for this film would be Broadway Pretzie Rose. One omission I noticed was the lack of praise or even mention of the great James Karen of The Return of the Living a Dead (1&2) fame. Not to mention Congo!
  5. SeanM.Corkery

    EPISODE 106 — Deep Blue Sea: LIVE!

    Not a correction or omission, more of an admission. Deep Blue Sea will always have a special place in my heart, as it is essentially responsible for my marriage. When I first met the woman who would eventually become my wife, it was at my apartment. She was friends with my roommate and was invited over to play violin in a group we were putting together. After perusing my film collection, she queried as to why I didn’t own any Beatles films. I explained that in my opinion the Beatles films aren’t so bad that they’re good, they’re just so bad. Next, asking me to recommend something that I thought was better, I tossed a copy of Deep Blue Sea at her and said, “I dare you not to love this”. She took it home, watched it, and must have had a profound clarity and understanding of my brilliance based solely on this recommendation. At least I would like to think so. Because the rest, as they say, is history.
  6. SeanM.Corkery

    Mindhunters (2004)

    I have been hosting a movie night at my house, that has been mostly on a weekly basis, for over a decade. Often this is done as a triple feature with some kind of theme or relation between the films. One of my favorites was in 2008 and titled LL Cool Day. We watched Toys, Deep Blue Sea, and Mindhunters, while snacking on LL Cool Ranch Doritos (Cool Ranch Doritos) and LL Cool Aid (Sangria). You guys have now done two of the three films from that night. I would love if you did Mindhunters to officially close it out. Not just for my sake. I also feel it is a perfect choice for HDTGM. Please consider.
  7. SeanM.Corkery

    EPISODE 105 — Safe Haven

    CORRECTIONS: The husband was able to make the photoshop image for the A.P.B poster so easily because he had the image of her from the bus station security camera. He knew to look for her as a blonde in the footage because if you notice him running around asking people if they had seen her at the station, the man who bumped into her in the beginning says, "Maybe as a blonde" or something along those lines. Also, when the husband first is questioning the neighbor, he states that the woman he's looking for is new to the area. Explaining, albeit a stretch, why they don't recognize each other as neighbors? OMISSION: The lonesome buoy wasn't the only symbolism in this treasure of a film. If you recall, the door to the shop was always jammed in the beginning, as well as Dude's car door. Once the two let each other into their hearts, the sticking doors cease to be an issue in the film. That is until the husband finally tracks Girl down. When he goes to leave the shop after the little girl lies to him, the door once again gets stuck.