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  1. OMG this is so ridiculous and amazing Never thought LL would beat that live Middlechurch ep but this sure comes close
  2. As a big NBA fan, this ep is killing me haha. I've only just begun but this ep is obviously a total swish. *swish*
  3. It took a lot of payola for me to get Regina on Dabney's show. It took even more to get her on the Drabble podcast.
  4. AlmostAGhost

    EPISODE 337 — The Ying and the Yankovic

    I just lost it at Doyzoice's response to keeping the party going: "OK. Let's get a pizza" dry humor works so well on a podcast lol
  5. am I the only one who considers this ep a glove slap duel challenge to the Scotts?