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    EPISODE 108 — Con Air LIVE!

    This could also be mentioned in the Face Off episode, but Billy Joe, the guy that tries to rape Tracy Poe, does actually succeed in having sex with Nicolas Cage's wife in a very roundabout way. The actor who plays Billy Joe is Kevin Gage (aka Waingro from Heat) and he was married to Kelly Preston who later went on marry John Travolta. As we know from Face/Off Nicolas Cage and John Travolta are one and the same. Ergo, Billy Joe has sex with Nicolas Cage's wife.
  2. Jon Heston

    EPISODE 107 — Lake Placid: LIVE!

    I checked Carrie "Wach the Moves" Walker's other reviews and they are hilarious. The Lake Placid review isn't even her best one. She has six reviews so I'll just post them all here. Five of the six are five star reviews so here they are: Lake Placid: "WE LOVE THIS MOVEING AND ALL GET MOVES OUT ON WEEKENDS AND WACH THE MOVES WE HAVE ALL OF THAN Lake Placid 2: LOVE IT LOVE TO GET GOOD MOVES LOVE MOVES LIKE THAT AND MY BOYS THE LOVE THAM TO WE SET BACK AND WACH THEM ALL THE TIME" Beverly Hill Billies: "WE ALL LOVE THIS MOVE IT IS SO FUNING WE CAN WACH THIS OVER AND OVER SO THE PUT THIS IN A LOT" An acoustic guitar and beginner's starter pack: "I GOT THIS FOR MY SON DAKOTA FOR CHRISTMAS AND HE LOVE IT AND SO DID I I GOT THIS FOR 20.00 DOLLERS YO CAN NOT BET THAT" NCAA Alabama Crimson Tide Cooler: "I LOVE IT AND SO DID MY BOYS WE WELL USE IT FOR ALL KIDS OF THINGS AND FOR SPRING AND SUMMER" And my personal favorite, her one star review for a movie called Smoky Mountain Christmas: "IT SHOUD OF BE THE MOVE SMOKING MOUNTH MOVE WITH DOOLY PARRTY IN IT THEY DID NOT GET MY ORDER RIGHT" (she made the last two words a separate paragraph so I'm just preserving that) Here's a link: http://www.amazon.co..._pr_pdp?ie=UTF8
  3. Jon Heston

    EPISODE 106 — Deep Blue Sea: LIVE!

    So the scientists needed more shark brain proteins so they used gene therapy to enlarge the sharks brains, but this had the side effect of making them smart? If they needed more brain protein why didn't they just get more sharks instead of making the sharks bigger? If you need twice as much brain protein then just get twice as many sharks instead of making each shark twice as big. Then you don't have to deal with the ethical (breaking the "Harvard Genetic Pact"), technical (doing gene therapy), practical (how to safely deal with huge sharks, which they obviously fail to do) and existential (not getting eating) issues that accompany making these giant super smart sharks. I also have trouble believe that those large sharks were even necessary. They got like a pint of brain serum and used a few drops for the experiment. Seems pretty wasteful.