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    Episode 172 - The Last Dragon: LIVE!

    First off ,great show and I always enjoy everyone's perspective. I want to start by saying that this is my #1 favorite movie. I have always loved it since i was 7 and it was on continuous play on HBO. I own the VHS, DVD, Blu-ray and the Soundtrack on CD. I still watch it from time to time and usually find a way to have my friends and family watch it. I too thought that the pop star was a Cindy Lauper rip off but she did a great job of really making you believe she was that kind of character. I usually don't comment on the boards as most of the movies aren't in my wheel house of knowledge but, as you can see in previous statements, this one is branded to my brain. So i wanted to point out a couple of things that i heard and thought would be insightful. I think everyone thought that Leroy having social problems was a sign of some mental incapacity to be in the world but I have always thought that the character was mimicking the Kung Fu character that David Carradine prorated in the Kung Fu show. I think he traveled the world not having the knowledge that commonly comes from living in modern society. This would explain his child like wonder of modern social cues and not having the skills to begin a relationship physical or otherwise. Another comment that the group made was that Leroy didn't contribute to the pizza place that much as his training took to much of his time. I thought about that maybe the family suffered because of it until i realised that he had his own dojo. I know its Harlem but the rent to maintain that space, utilities and have the time to teach would probably come from paid membership from parents and students. This would mean that the family could probably have a good life as I don't see a Leroy being into materialistic things like money. I could go on forever but this the last i will blather on about. With the glow, i think that it was the self enlightenment of believing your are the master. This is why Shonuf was able to obtain the glow for himself. The whole quest for this glow was a movie to say that you have in you what you need to succeed in life. I hope this helps and the true master is in you!!