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  1. sean and hayes were right about this being a good podcast for the lady on the call to start with this ep in particular would probably be very relatable to her 'customer service phone line worker at a multinational media corp who deals with hollywood handbook review complaints on this episode' demographic (also hi in advance cause i'm sure she took their advice and is already an avid forum reader, probably best to assume every new poster is her)
  2. Mary Mary, are ya buggin? Follow up question: if so, why?
  3. the first shelby fero ep is one of my all time faves. i still think about the "i don't spend too much time on the westside, it's kind of gauche." "...yeah, there are ghosts there." exchange on the regular.
  4. oh damn, i thought i was joining a forum to spend some chill out time yukking it up over a comedy podcast but it turns out everyone here is a wildly talented shakespearean actor-artist-warrior poet. time to raise my damn game (by which i mean i'll prob post a pic of my dog later or something)
  5. i had a dream last night that i was singing the HH theme tune at a karaoke bar and woke up thinking 'i'm in too deep'. but then i thought 'no wait, i'm not in deep enough' so here i am commenting on the forums. anyway, this ep was great and you all came off as v funny!
  6. jerk

    EPISODE 343 — Athlete's Head

    i love victor and tiny so much that i want a spin-off podcast from them on the network. this is a great idea for a high quality audio show and nothing in their recording history suggests otherwise.