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  1. Bugs Meany

    Episode 458 - There's Always A New Woah

    I agree. You can just listen all day without ever having to tap +15 to skip ads--it's very liberating. And a yearly subscription comes out to $3/month. That's hours and hours of content for the price of a jar of peanut butter. Even if you sign up just for Who Charted, it's about 50 cents/hour to keep Howard on the air. It's so worth it.
  2. Bugs Meany

    Episode 384 - New Heights in Terrible Enunciation

    Ha! I'm flattered. About once a year someone sees my username and recognizes it from the books. That was the first time I heard someone actually reference the character in yeeeears.
  3. Bugs Meany

    Episode 384 - New Heights in Terrible Enunciation

    People on the Earwolf subreddit loved this ep. These forums seem to be dead :-\
  4. Bugs Meany

    Missing/lost episodes?

    This was in the email, btw: Episode 229 ("Leading Love Man," April 22nd 2015) is missing from the archive. The episode 175 upload ("Tutstep," April 9th 2014) is incomplete. The recording ends halfway through the show.
  5. Bugs Meany

    Missing/lost episodes?

    Thank you! I sent an email to howl support about other episodes.
  6. Bugs Meany

    Kulap is leaving the show

    The episodes with guest hosts (April Richardson, Natasha Leggero, Emily V. Gordon, Ele Woods) are among my favorites. Ku's great but the show can go on. I hope it does.
  7. Bugs Meany

    Missing/lost episodes?

    Hey gang! I'm trying to go back and re-listen to the whole Who/Two Charted back catalog and I've found a gap in the Stitcher archives. The shows between 2015-04-03 and 2015-04-24 (Who Charted 227 and 228, Two Charted 166 and 167) are missing. Are these shows lost for eternity? Might anyone have saved them? I loved the spring 2015 shows (that's when I discovered the show), so this is a bummer.
  8. Bugs Meany

    Episode 374 - Superman Cleanse

    I was looking forward to Ben's return (it's been years) but Howard seems kind of cranky and subdued.
  9. Bugs Meany

    EPISODE 260 — OLO!!!

    What I don't understand are the dummies listening to these covers. Did they hear there's a hit song called "Hello" but they don't know who sings it and they're going through every search result? Are they already bored of the Adele version? Do they have low self-esteem and don't think they deserve to hear the original?
  10. Bugs Meany

    EPISODE 261 — Genesis Jones

    Here's that Rob Lowe SNL sketch:
  11. Bugs Meany

    EPISODE 255 — An All New Era

    Unless the guest is already a fan of the show or friends with the gang, asking them to bring in "homework" could be awkward.
  12. Bugs Meany

    What IS "Who Charted"?

    Not only that, but how much time is he going to spend checking this forum for new replies? Just listening to an episode is the most efficient and convenient option.
  13. Bugs Meany

    EPISODE 241.5 — 7/17/15 TWO CHARTED 180

    Whoever writes the episode descriptions is killing me with the misused apostrophes: buddy's instead of buddies, Chartist's instead of Chartists, etc. Please don't kill this Chartist!
  14. I don't buy into the "seeing violence ---> being violent" thing, but I was 9 when the first one came out and I immediately started thinking about homemade nunchucks. With a nice home workshop at our disposal, my cousin and I took a wooden closet rod thing, cut it into foot-long pieces and connected them with small link chains. (We were harmless kids, but in other hands they could have done real damage.) I'd never seen nunchucks before TMNT, so the parents groups kind of had a point there.
  15. Not just a different actress, but a way hotter one. (That must have been one of the studio notes, right after "less violence.") Kind of disappointed in Jason's recent lack of deviant sexual comments during their commentary.